we’re moving. the milner family is making a gigantic move, one that is so big it’s almost difficult to comprehend. R and I may not have been born within the limits of kansas city, but it most certainly is our home. [dang it if we weren’t both born in wichita – go figure on that one]. we met in kansas city north; we dated and were married with all of our family and friends from in town joining in the celebration; we have lived out our entire married lives in the kansas city metro, and have had the joy of raising our daughter here in town with family surrounding us every step of the way. almost every consequential moment in our lives, whether independent or separate, has occurred in this lovely midwestern town.

and now, due to job placement, we are out of here. wow. in a matter of mere months, we will be living in the south. as in, the ‘for real, deep south’, where every kid says ‘yes, ma’am’ and you don’t have to ask for sugar in your tea. for those of you who know us well, that in and of itself is a major cultural change. [no worries; our liberal views concerning public policy and eating habits will most likely transfer as well – maybe. we hear they’re so darn polite, we just might end up shifting our ways!] we are leaving behind so much. a wonderful family that has enjoyed their time with our kiddo; awesome friends who have grown with us from awkward adolescents into professional, sometimes mature, adults; an absolutely fabulous church community who welcomed us with open arms when we were hurting from church in-fighting and politics and have continued to love us in spite of ourselves.

no longer will we have monday night dinners with my parents; spontaneous hang-out time beloved sister & bro-in-law, M & M, and their kiddo, N; the occasional jaunt down to westport for book hunting and coffee; or the commiserating of how awful our local sports teams are [because, god love ’em, they are]. I will have to cook dinner every night for my family, find new baby-sitters who are not family, and raise my kids without the built-in support of encouraging family and friends. that alone is enough to knock the wind out of a person. then add 1100 miles to the equation, and it just starts to get expensive. especially if all I want is for someone to make me dinner. perhaps R will brush up on his culinary skills and help me out every now and again.

as all of this is circling around in my head, a few additional thoughts have crept in. one, we are moving to a town of transplants. given R’s profession, we will always be with people who are not living in their hometown either and are apparently very eager to give advice and help out in this massive transition. two, the Father will always provide. ironically, He is providing by opening the door for this job, which we have eagerly hoped for ever since R started job hunting. this has been a rather anxious year, full of our home [finally] being sold, finding out we were expecting baby #2, and wondering throughout when and where we would find out about a job. and now that it’s here, it’s a little scary. being 1100 miles away is a bit nerve wracking. but the Father is providing and will continue to provide, financially, emotionally, and physically. and three, apparently the town we’re moving to is the nicest town in the country. that’s no joke.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. R found a fabulous job that fits both his professional mold and personality. the city is apparently gorgeous, with many opportunities for our kiddos as they grow. oh, and did I mention there are beaches? not 20 min from almost any location? therefore, my intent is to keep contact with the family and friends back home, complete with photos and videos, through this blog. and yes, I plan on keeping an air mattress handy for the constant string of guests that will be flowing through our rented abode. in fact, I relish the thought.


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