the park!

this is not news to anyone, but this winter has been extremely mild. weather in the 70’s and 80’s, little to no snow and sunny days make for an early spring. all of this means the kids are itching to be outdoors. M & I decided to take the kiddos to the park a few days ago, as we were all eager to get our daily dose of vitamin D!


oh yeah - we're rockin' the sunglasses, going for the power slide

N was very impressed with all that penguin park had to offer - even if he was a smidge too young for some of slides. i believe the wide eyes say it all.

I mean, come on! look at how tall that kangaroo is! N can't climb that all by himself, man - no matter how hard he may try

S loved the playground! between the stairs, the slide, the monkey bars, the spider monkey, and fire truck, she was wore out

which then sets up the desire to buy a bomb-pop. S was more than excited to use my money to buy her treat. i joke. but that is essentially what occurred.

N got a strawberry shortcake bar, which was not eaten very quickly and therefore was all over N - and therefore M, as well



they were tired. shoot, the moms were tired. but what is the point of the park if you don’t come home covered in dirt, sand, and ice cream dribble? heck if i know.


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