charleston, sc

and so, the grand adventure begins! R and I left for charleston this past week. we are on a house-hunting/daycare-hunting/life-hunting trip, hoping to make heads or tails of our soon-to-be new home. it is still difficult to think through the fact that R and I will be making this move. we keep thinking someone is going to come by, pinch the both of us awake, and then laugh in our faces for being delusional.

but I digress.

the drive from kc took about two days. please note, that as I am writing this, I am 32 weeks pregnant. talk about your potty breaks! regardless, we got our trusty civic loaded up, dropped S off with granny, grandma, and M&M, and much like the currently running iPhone commercial, we instructed siri to guide us eastward. throughout our times in kc, we have suffered from outsiders of the midwest comment on how “boring” and “flat” and “ugly” missouri and kansas are, both to live in and drive through. R and I have fought valiantly against such comments for years, insisting that kc has much to offer in culture, aesthetics, surroundings, etc. I’m not taking those comments back as much as realizing that clearly others have had more time on the road and had an opportunity to experience more in terms of travel.

our ideas were seriously put to the test when we drove through tennessee. and north carolina. and south carolina. shoot, even illionis and kentucky were pretty! and, guess what, they all had better roads. [on a total side note, perhaps the toll on I-70 should go through – I’m telling ya, there were zero potholes in the other states].

then, we rolled into downtown charleston and saw where we’d be shopping, eating, and working for the foreseeable future.

just one of the many houses that have been converted into office buildings for the faculty - impressive, no? this is one of the historical homes that is a part of the comm studies dept.

this is the second office building - the comms dept is rather large with about two dozen faculty members. R will be housed in one of these two houses. awesome!

just one of the many beautiful sites on campus. this is the heart of the campus, called Greens Way. the student center is nearby, as well as the library. the dorms aren't too far off, and as the campus is in downtown, no one is far away from coffee, bookstores, or awesome restaurants

the famous clock, located in Greens Way

offices located in Greens Way - R will walk by this as he goes to teach. or have meetings. or hold office hours. or do any of those real grown-up, adult things he's been hired to do

are you drooling yet? I ask because I was. and honestly, still am

lovin' the wrought iron. and the Spanish moss. and the architecture. and everything about it.

are you freakin' kidding me? it reminds me so much of New Orleans. and then I had to remind myself that I can go see this house whenever I want. crazy.

the porch! (ahh, porches! these folks know how to do it right!) this is the front of the faculty house where they housed R on his interview. there is a coffee club for the faculty, umbrellas available for the occasional rain shower, and a view of the garden where the azaleas are currently blooming

this arbor blew me away. I'm not sure if this gets picked up with the photo, but ... the trees have grown around the foundation and up into the beams, which are filled with those beautiful flowers. whichever sorority lives there is one lucky set of women

just revel in this for a moment. close your eyes, imagine the waves, and allow yourself to be taken away. this is a shot of Sullivan's Island, which is inside of Charleston Harbor. some faculty members took us out to dinner while we were out, and we paused for a moment to take in the view. ah-ma-zing!

here are some of the homes that line the beach front - I will never be in their income-bracket, that's for sure. but, beautiful homes certainly lined a beautiful beach.

we’ve now seen a good portion of the area, and are close to making as informed of a decision as I think we’ll be able to before we officially move. the faculty has been beyond helpful, literally driving us all over the islands and peninsula to show off their favorite areas and preferred eating spots. we headed back in james island and folly beach today, so more photos should follow shortly.

as we have taken in the area, and have allowed the realization to overtake us about we have been given, we are overwhelmed. a beautiful downtown, gorgeous beaches, awesome schools for our kids, and a great department for R for be apart of as he launches his academic career. we are blessed.


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