the weekly low-down

I have not forgotten you, blogosphere. nor has my delay been because I didn’t want to write. I just had one of those weekends. it mostly involved food and naps. today was a mostly nap day.

this week, though, was full of wonderful kansas city celebrations, full of family and friends. my sisters and mom threw me a wonderful baby shower. as I was the guest of honor, I have no personal photos. my mother, on the other hand, does. I’ll try and snag some at a later time, and get them posted. it was a Japanese tea themed shower, full of fresh pressed tea, handmade crab rangoon and wontons. plus, cake. is it ever a party without cake? no. no, it is not.

nesting somewhat set in. monday, S went to school so I had a full day of uninhibited cleaning and throwing out of trash. [who knew that a mere four & a half months after you move, you STILL have three trash bags full of nonsense to pitch out? not me] you just have to imagine – we had items from our storage unit out to repackage, baby items to organize, S’s room in pieces to see what she really needs for the big move, and trash just floating all around. craziness. but, in the end, it felt good. G’s “room” is all set up. he’s got a bassinet now, thanks to my awesome MIL, and we have four months worth of diapers, thanks to all of my lovely friends and family. my mom loves to shop, especially for clearenced out baby items, so he’s got a wardrobe for the next two years. we’re set!

we hit up Stroud’s, which is famous for their pan-fried chicken. R & I hadn’t been there in years, both because we’re still [somewhat] vegetarians and because it’s kind of pricy. but it was totally worth it. delicious! it was also awesome to see everyone [sans Mom, but that’s part of another story]. the kids got to play down by the lake, and check out the ducks and geese. some friends of ours had their own baby shower on Saturday, near Lake Waukomis, so S got a double whammy of water/beach time. and the weather has been so nice, it’s been good to get out and not feel so claustrophobic in the basement all the time.

regardless of my current state [tomorrow, I’m officially term with G at 37 weeks – holla!], I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone. I keep reminding myself that while I’m currently tired and do have a thousand, legitimate things to do in my days, I won’t live here in a few, short months. it’s definitely carpe diem, baby!

I promise to clear out the camera in the next couple of days – I do have a decent expectation of what my week looks like, and I should be able to find some time. the kiddo is cute, and definitely worth following!


a mild week in the life of the Milners

I almost hesitated writing anything for this week. honestly, it was pretty calm and chill, without a ton of activities that needed highlighted for the blogosphere. but, ultimately, discipline kicked in and I decided I would jot down at least a few of things that occurred. and I decided to omit pictures this week, so it made it a lot easier!

we had soccer on monday. and then quickly decided we are not going back. at least, not in the near future. this was our third week of six; we had only one calm week, the other two S had a bit of a melt-down [reading between the lines: R was beyond frustrated, S was crying and screaming on our van floor, and I just wanted to get out of there]. sigh. we’ve decided she 1.) isn’t quite ready for organized sports and 2.) she doesn’t really like soccer all that much. perhaps in a couple of years we’ll try again. or, go the complete opposite way and get her into video gaming. or something.

Aunt M & I had plans to go to the zoo with our respective kiddos. R & I have a bucket list for Kansas City activities to knock out before we leave town. [he calls it the F-Off KC List – it’s your choice how you choose to cite it]. the zoo was apart of it, so it worked out nicely – it was half price day, and it was a gorgeous weather day. an unfortunate sinus infection and virus on M & N’s part knocked that out of them out of the equation, though. dang it. the other ‘dang it’ was that I had already promised the zoo to S. upon questioning her, she insisted she still wanted to go. given her general attitude and the lack of other options for the day, we went. she was really good, and was mostly intrigued at all of the animals in Australia. because that’s all we did. I cannot remember the last time I entered Africa there, but, oh well.  we did hit up the carousel, but between lunch and a couple of train rides, we were both done. this was proven by the two-hour + naps that we both took once home. it was a gorgeous day for it, though, and it was nice to stretch out the legs. once I get the photos downloaded, I’ll include them in here. at one point, S hijacked the camera, so who knows what in the world is on there at the moment.

wednesday was a full day. S went to school, I had a baby appt, R worked ALL day, and S & I had Bible study in the evening. between all the driving around I did, I was bushwhacked by 9. and by that, I mean a.m. … just kiddin’.

but seriously – I was tired.

I was grateful for thursday and friday. we had almost nothing scheduled that I had to attend to, which meant I napped. and napped hard. I love pregnancy naps. no one ever faults you for them, and most of the time, your other kiddo wants to snuggle with you. I refused to make dinner on thursday [this isn’t to say they weren’t fed. it was just take-out, and delicious at that]. friday, we met up for the family for some bbq. my sister, R, came into town with her own kiddo, A, and my brother, J, was actually off work [whoa!]. she’s in town for a lovely baby shower for moi, and we’ll have a chance to hang out for the first time since the holidays!

in other, student news, I have officially decided to pursue graduate school. now that R has settled on where he’ll work, and we know where we’ll be living for the next few years, I can make official steps towards getting that old M.A. I plan on taking the GRE once we have moved, and should I be accepted, start classes in the spring. I’ll write more on this as I know more – mostly, whether I’ve been accepted, and how much more work I have to do to get in. but it’s an exciting step!

at this point, I am just taking it day-by-day. between chasing after S [whether she’s at home or not] and growing baby G, I’m exhausted. I have a lot on my plate, but I am learning the art of delegation, as well as the art of flexibility. [that one may be the harder of the two for me!] but with less than four weeks to my due date, and then prepping to move in July, I find myself with little options. and perhaps that’s just the lesson the Father needs me to learn right now. until next week …

tapas & friends

this week was a doozy! or, perhaps this is pregnant-me talking, and I’m just slightly overwhelmed with my schedule. regardless, we got a lot done. monday kicked off in the usual way, complete with S having school [which I love that she loves!]. she also had soccer that evening, which we were both anxious and eager for. she struggled the week before, complete with a meltdown of epic proportions in response to being given directions for an hour [I wonder who in the world she could take after?]. aunt M came to the rescue, in more ways than one. KU played the championship game that evening, which meant R wanted to stay in town on the slight chance they would win [they didn’t, but that’s neither here nor there]. in exchange for me hanging out with her own kid, M saved this pregnant mama from having to chase down a distracted, sometimes not very motivated, kiddo. I, in turn, hung out with N. that really meant that I fed him snacks and let him play on a smartphone while I stealthily took shots of S playing. it was good times for all.

S, lined up and ready to go - all the kiddos do their warm ups with their head coach before doing drills. adorable.

Coach, leading from the front - talk about the patience of a saint. he is fabulous!


and S, actually following his lead (it's a miracle!) this fed into dribbling and blocking goals, all of which she's actually pretty good at, if she remains focused


this kid - he was psyched that his momma allowed him to play with her phone! and then silly me couldn't figure out how to open it, so he got to play with mine. and eat crackers. win and win.


oh buddy! are we going to miss you in the next few months!

the rest of the week was peaceful and lovely. a cousin of ours got engaged recently, so we headed to a family engagement party to officially welcome the very happy couple back from HI and revel in their giddiness. I [finally!] got to see ‘the hunger games’, thanks in no small part to R volunteering to watch both S and N. awesome. S had a full day of the park and then backyard time at M & M’s. she was exhausted. and I got an evening out with M. wins for everyone!

friday night might just take the cake, though. we met up with some friends from lawrence/KU for a wonderful kansas city tradition, first fridays. in the crossroads art district, tons of shops and art galleries open up for art viewing, coffee drinking, wine guzzling, and street music playing. considering how long R and I have lived in this town, it was just shameful that this was our first time to go down there. it was awesome, and we’ll definitely be back in the last couple of months we’re in town.

we made reservations at a local place called Extra Virgin for tapas. the following is no exaggeration. this was, quantifiably, the BEST dinner I have EVER eaten. no joke. if you live in kansas city, make a point to head over to this restaurant. from beginning to end, it was the best dining experience. [and yes, before there are tons of screams, we are vegetarians. we just weren’t tonight, because when meat is cooked this well, you just can’t say no]. there was a subset on the menu, labeled “for the adventurous”. fortunately, we were with friends who fit that category and we were therefore treated to unique items such as “duck tongue tacos”, complete with goat cheese and “shaved tuna heart”, done up with noodles and egg yolks. R ordered “wild boar ragu”, which tasted delicious – more like pot roast than anything. I had the pork chop, which had everyone gasping at how perfectly cooked it was. how about the pictures justify the experience?

why, yes, those are tacos. made of duck tongue. topped with delicious goat cheese. they were killer!


E might have had a little too much fun showing off his adventurous side - but, did I mention, they were seriously delicious?


C ordered hanger steak - cooked to perfection, and was eagerly eaten by all!


pork chops, seasoned and cooked perfectly, with fava bean salsa - I may have eaten all I could off the bone. my word!


Spanish meatballs, topped with Parmesan cheese and basil - oh my word


wild boar ragu, complete with quiche - while seemingly adventurous, it actually tasted a lot like tender pot roast. so, no, the folks on the island in "Lost" were apparently not suffering. just sayin'


R, waiting patiently and taking in the scene - incredible wine (or, so I heard), wonderful company, and amazing food - it was an awesome evening


tapas were definitely the way to go for the evening. while not photoed, the desserts were a-ma-zing – spiced apple sorbet [that, no kidding, tasted like apple pie], strawberry puffed pastry, and churros with delicious chocolate. top all of that with Roasterie coffees and espressos, and we were in heaven.

and then, we had to leave. considering we’d been there for over three hours, the staff was probably okay with that. but, if I could afford it, that cooking staff would be on call 24/7. but I can’t, so we’ll leave that pipe dream alone for the time being.

tomorrow is Easter, complete with egg hunts and picnics in the park. hopefully I’ll be on top of it, and have some great photos for you. regardless, enjoy your own celebrations!

charleston [pt 2]

we’re home! R and I drove back to kansas city last weekend. let’s throw out this disclaimer: I love road trips. I think seeing new parts of the country is exciting, hanging out and having one-on-one time with the husband is always great, and given that our music taste is mostly similar, we have a great time in the car. let’s also throw in this disclaimer: the a/c broke on our first of four days driving, which made this already baking pregnant mama extremely hot. in addition, our hotel neighbor was a hacking cough mess that kept the both of us up for more than one night. we hadn’t seen S in almost a week, and I got slammed with the cold that was being passed around the Milner family this past month.

we were ready to come home.

from all accounts, our kiddo was ready for us to come home, too. perhaps it was the promise of presents. or maybe she actually missed our faces – who can know the mind of a three-year-old? she had been bounced around the granny’s and grandma’s, and aunts’ homes that past week, and started going to school all-day for the first time. she was beat, but excited that we were back, complete with College of Charleston gear. [for the first time since we’ve announced we’re moving, she finally admitted that the location would be Charleston – the previous answer has consistently been ‘Ari-zo-na’. again, who knows the mind of these li’l cuties?] she was adorably clingy for the next couple of days, which we enjoyed.

this past week has been just attempting to find order. we had the usual amount of laundry and cleaning that always follows a trip, as well as trying to get caught up on the week that we had lost. R was wrapping up the dissertation, as well as trying to unbury himself from the mound of grading he had to do. I was attempting to find our house under the mound of clothes and College of Charleston paraphernalia we had bought, in addition to following up with apartments and daycares that we want to be accepted to. S had school and soccer as soon as we got back. oh, and R had a birthday. crazy days.

I think we found our balance, though. this weekend has been slow and peaceful. R had an actual day-off on Thursday [knock me over with a feather!] now, we look onward – prepping for housing, the actual move, getting S into daycare. oh, and having a baby. in case we’ve forgotten, we are having one of those adorable ones come May. exciting times! with all of this in my mind, I leave you with some beautiful shots of our soon-to-be home

if (when) we move to our chosen apartment on James Island, Folly Beach will be a mere fifteen minutes away - umm, yes, please!

if (when) we move to our chosen apartment on James Island, Folly Beach will be a mere fifteen minutes away - umm, yes


tide pools - check. gentle waves on a beautiful day - check. the ability to wade in the ocean in the spring - check.


should you be so inclined to fish, or stare poetically out to sea, you have that ability with this amazing pier


we stopped by a local crab shack. you know you're in the South when almost everything you order comes with coleslaw & a fried green tomato (delicious, by the way)


my own lunch, complete with seasoned red potatoes. New Orleans was definitely on my mind when downing this delicious lunch!


this beautiful park is within walking distance of the college. R said his future colleagues had taken him down here on his previous visit. it's an absolutely stunning view of the ocean


a bit of the low-down concerning the park - you may not be able to listen to your tape player, but you can see the ocean!


water, water everywhere - but not a drop to drink


and lastly, a view of their famous landmark - a pineapple, in the name of hospitality. I could not agree more.