charleston [pt 2]

we’re home! R and I drove back to kansas city last weekend. let’s throw out this disclaimer: I love road trips. I think seeing new parts of the country is exciting, hanging out and having one-on-one time with the husband is always great, and given that our music taste is mostly similar, we have a great time in the car. let’s also throw in this disclaimer: the a/c broke on our first of four days driving, which made this already baking pregnant mama extremely hot. in addition, our hotel neighbor was a hacking cough mess that kept the both of us up for more than one night. we hadn’t seen S in almost a week, and I got slammed with the cold that was being passed around the Milner family this past month.

we were ready to come home.

from all accounts, our kiddo was ready for us to come home, too. perhaps it was the promise of presents. or maybe she actually missed our faces – who can know the mind of a three-year-old? she had been bounced around the granny’s and grandma’s, and aunts’ homes that past week, and started going to school all-day for the first time. she was beat, but excited that we were back, complete with College of Charleston gear. [for the first time since we’ve announced we’re moving, she finally admitted that the location would be Charleston – the previous answer has consistently been ‘Ari-zo-na’. again, who knows the mind of these li’l cuties?] she was adorably clingy for the next couple of days, which we enjoyed.

this past week has been just attempting to find order. we had the usual amount of laundry and cleaning that always follows a trip, as well as trying to get caught up on the week that we had lost. R was wrapping up the dissertation, as well as trying to unbury himself from the mound of grading he had to do. I was attempting to find our house under the mound of clothes and College of Charleston paraphernalia we had bought, in addition to following up with apartments and daycares that we want to be accepted to. S had school and soccer as soon as we got back. oh, and R had a birthday. crazy days.

I think we found our balance, though. this weekend has been slow and peaceful. R had an actual day-off on Thursday [knock me over with a feather!] now, we look onward – prepping for housing, the actual move, getting S into daycare. oh, and having a baby. in case we’ve forgotten, we are having one of those adorable ones come May. exciting times! with all of this in my mind, I leave you with some beautiful shots of our soon-to-be home

if (when) we move to our chosen apartment on James Island, Folly Beach will be a mere fifteen minutes away - umm, yes, please!

if (when) we move to our chosen apartment on James Island, Folly Beach will be a mere fifteen minutes away - umm, yes


tide pools - check. gentle waves on a beautiful day - check. the ability to wade in the ocean in the spring - check.


should you be so inclined to fish, or stare poetically out to sea, you have that ability with this amazing pier


we stopped by a local crab shack. you know you're in the South when almost everything you order comes with coleslaw & a fried green tomato (delicious, by the way)


my own lunch, complete with seasoned red potatoes. New Orleans was definitely on my mind when downing this delicious lunch!


this beautiful park is within walking distance of the college. R said his future colleagues had taken him down here on his previous visit. it's an absolutely stunning view of the ocean


a bit of the low-down concerning the park - you may not be able to listen to your tape player, but you can see the ocean!


water, water everywhere - but not a drop to drink


and lastly, a view of their famous landmark - a pineapple, in the name of hospitality. I could not agree more.


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