tapas & friends

this week was a doozy! or, perhaps this is pregnant-me talking, and I’m just slightly overwhelmed with my schedule. regardless, we got a lot done. monday kicked off in the usual way, complete with S having school [which I love that she loves!]. she also had soccer that evening, which we were both anxious and eager for. she struggled the week before, complete with a meltdown of epic proportions in response to being given directions for an hour [I wonder who in the world she could take after?]. aunt M came to the rescue, in more ways than one. KU played the championship game that evening, which meant R wanted to stay in town on the slight chance they would win [they didn’t, but that’s neither here nor there]. in exchange for me hanging out with her own kid, M saved this pregnant mama from having to chase down a distracted, sometimes not very motivated, kiddo. I, in turn, hung out with N. that really meant that I fed him snacks and let him play on a smartphone while I stealthily took shots of S playing. it was good times for all.

S, lined up and ready to go - all the kiddos do their warm ups with their head coach before doing drills. adorable.

Coach, leading from the front - talk about the patience of a saint. he is fabulous!


and S, actually following his lead (it's a miracle!) this fed into dribbling and blocking goals, all of which she's actually pretty good at, if she remains focused


this kid - he was psyched that his momma allowed him to play with her phone! and then silly me couldn't figure out how to open it, so he got to play with mine. and eat crackers. win and win.


oh buddy! are we going to miss you in the next few months!

the rest of the week was peaceful and lovely. a cousin of ours got engaged recently, so we headed to a family engagement party to officially welcome the very happy couple back from HI and revel in their giddiness. I [finally!] got to see ‘the hunger games’, thanks in no small part to R volunteering to watch both S and N. awesome. S had a full day of the park and then backyard time at M & M’s. she was exhausted. and I got an evening out with M. wins for everyone!

friday night might just take the cake, though. we met up with some friends from lawrence/KU for a wonderful kansas city tradition, first fridays. in the crossroads art district, tons of shops and art galleries open up for art viewing, coffee drinking, wine guzzling, and street music playing. considering how long R and I have lived in this town, it was just shameful that this was our first time to go down there. it was awesome, and we’ll definitely be back in the last couple of months we’re in town.

we made reservations at a local place called Extra Virgin for tapas. the following is no exaggeration. this was, quantifiably, the BEST dinner I have EVER eaten. no joke. if you live in kansas city, make a point to head over to this restaurant. from beginning to end, it was the best dining experience. [and yes, before there are tons of screams, we are vegetarians. we just weren’t tonight, because when meat is cooked this well, you just can’t say no]. there was a subset on the menu, labeled “for the adventurous”. fortunately, we were with friends who fit that category and we were therefore treated to unique items such as “duck tongue tacos”, complete with goat cheese and “shaved tuna heart”, done up with noodles and egg yolks. R ordered “wild boar ragu”, which tasted delicious – more like pot roast than anything. I had the pork chop, which had everyone gasping at how perfectly cooked it was. how about the pictures justify the experience?

why, yes, those are tacos. made of duck tongue. topped with delicious goat cheese. they were killer!


E might have had a little too much fun showing off his adventurous side - but, did I mention, they were seriously delicious?


C ordered hanger steak - cooked to perfection, and was eagerly eaten by all!


pork chops, seasoned and cooked perfectly, with fava bean salsa - I may have eaten all I could off the bone. my word!


Spanish meatballs, topped with Parmesan cheese and basil - oh my word


wild boar ragu, complete with quiche - while seemingly adventurous, it actually tasted a lot like tender pot roast. so, no, the folks on the island in "Lost" were apparently not suffering. just sayin'


R, waiting patiently and taking in the scene - incredible wine (or, so I heard), wonderful company, and amazing food - it was an awesome evening


tapas were definitely the way to go for the evening. while not photoed, the desserts were a-ma-zing – spiced apple sorbet [that, no kidding, tasted like apple pie], strawberry puffed pastry, and churros with delicious chocolate. top all of that with Roasterie coffees and espressos, and we were in heaven.

and then, we had to leave. considering we’d been there for over three hours, the staff was probably okay with that. but, if I could afford it, that cooking staff would be on call 24/7. but I can’t, so we’ll leave that pipe dream alone for the time being.

tomorrow is Easter, complete with egg hunts and picnics in the park. hopefully I’ll be on top of it, and have some great photos for you. regardless, enjoy your own celebrations!


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