a mild week in the life of the Milners

I almost hesitated writing anything for this week. honestly, it was pretty calm and chill, without a ton of activities that needed highlighted for the blogosphere. but, ultimately, discipline kicked in and I decided I would jot down at least a few of things that occurred. and I decided to omit pictures this week, so it made it a lot easier!

we had soccer on monday. and then quickly decided we are not going back. at least, not in the near future. this was our third week of six; we had only one calm week, the other two S had a bit of a melt-down [reading between the lines: R was beyond frustrated, S was crying and screaming on our van floor, and I just wanted to get out of there]. sigh. we’ve decided she 1.) isn’t quite ready for organized sports and 2.) she doesn’t really like soccer all that much. perhaps in a couple of years we’ll try again. or, go the complete opposite way and get her into video gaming. or something.

Aunt M & I had plans to go to the zoo with our respective kiddos. R & I have a bucket list for Kansas City activities to knock out before we leave town. [he calls it the F-Off KC List – it’s your choice how you choose to cite it]. the zoo was apart of it, so it worked out nicely – it was half price day, and it was a gorgeous weather day. an unfortunate sinus infection and virus on M & N’s part knocked that out of them out of the equation, though. dang it. the other ‘dang it’ was that I had already promised the zoo to S. upon questioning her, she insisted she still wanted to go. given her general attitude and the lack of other options for the day, we went. she was really good, and was mostly intrigued at all of the animals in Australia. because that’s all we did. I cannot remember the last time I entered Africa there, but, oh well.  we did hit up the carousel, but between lunch and a couple of train rides, we were both done. this was proven by the two-hour + naps that we both took once home. it was a gorgeous day for it, though, and it was nice to stretch out the legs. once I get the photos downloaded, I’ll include them in here. at one point, S hijacked the camera, so who knows what in the world is on there at the moment.

wednesday was a full day. S went to school, I had a baby appt, R worked ALL day, and S & I had Bible study in the evening. between all the driving around I did, I was bushwhacked by 9. and by that, I mean a.m. … just kiddin’.

but seriously – I was tired.

I was grateful for thursday and friday. we had almost nothing scheduled that I had to attend to, which meant I napped. and napped hard. I love pregnancy naps. no one ever faults you for them, and most of the time, your other kiddo wants to snuggle with you. I refused to make dinner on thursday [this isn’t to say they weren’t fed. it was just take-out, and delicious at that]. friday, we met up for the family for some bbq. my sister, R, came into town with her own kiddo, A, and my brother, J, was actually off work [whoa!]. she’s in town for a lovely baby shower for moi, and we’ll have a chance to hang out for the first time since the holidays!

in other, student news, I have officially decided to pursue graduate school. now that R has settled on where he’ll work, and we know where we’ll be living for the next few years, I can make official steps towards getting that old M.A. I plan on taking the GRE once we have moved, and should I be accepted, start classes in the spring. I’ll write more on this as I know more – mostly, whether I’ve been accepted, and how much more work I have to do to get in. but it’s an exciting step!

at this point, I am just taking it day-by-day. between chasing after S [whether she’s at home or not] and growing baby G, I’m exhausted. I have a lot on my plate, but I am learning the art of delegation, as well as the art of flexibility. [that one may be the harder of the two for me!] but with less than four weeks to my due date, and then prepping to move in July, I find myself with little options. and perhaps that’s just the lesson the Father needs me to learn right now. until next week …


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