the weekly low-down

I have not forgotten you, blogosphere. nor has my delay been because I didn’t want to write. I just had one of those weekends. it mostly involved food and naps. today was a mostly nap day.

this week, though, was full of wonderful kansas city celebrations, full of family and friends. my sisters and mom threw me a wonderful baby shower. as I was the guest of honor, I have no personal photos. my mother, on the other hand, does. I’ll try and snag some at a later time, and get them posted. it was a Japanese tea themed shower, full of fresh pressed tea, handmade crab rangoon and wontons. plus, cake. is it ever a party without cake? no. no, it is not.

nesting somewhat set in. monday, S went to school so I had a full day of uninhibited cleaning and throwing out of trash. [who knew that a mere four & a half months after you move, you STILL have three trash bags full of nonsense to pitch out? not me] you just have to imagine – we had items from our storage unit out to repackage, baby items to organize, S’s room in pieces to see what she really needs for the big move, and trash just floating all around. craziness. but, in the end, it felt good. G’s “room” is all set up. he’s got a bassinet now, thanks to my awesome MIL, and we have four months worth of diapers, thanks to all of my lovely friends and family. my mom loves to shop, especially for clearenced out baby items, so he’s got a wardrobe for the next two years. we’re set!

we hit up Stroud’s, which is famous for their pan-fried chicken. R & I hadn’t been there in years, both because we’re still [somewhat] vegetarians and because it’s kind of pricy. but it was totally worth it. delicious! it was also awesome to see everyone [sans Mom, but that’s part of another story]. the kids got to play down by the lake, and check out the ducks and geese. some friends of ours had their own baby shower on Saturday, near Lake Waukomis, so S got a double whammy of water/beach time. and the weather has been so nice, it’s been good to get out and not feel so claustrophobic in the basement all the time.

regardless of my current state [tomorrow, I’m officially term with G at 37 weeks – holla!], I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone. I keep reminding myself that while I’m currently tired and do have a thousand, legitimate things to do in my days, I won’t live here in a few, short months. it’s definitely carpe diem, baby!

I promise to clear out the camera in the next couple of days – I do have a decent expectation of what my week looks like, and I should be able to find some time. the kiddo is cute, and definitely worth following!


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