ice cream, parks, & Super Moons

I didn’t post last week. so sorry. funnily enough, we had almost nothing to do on Saturday. probably, I just fell asleep. which, given that I’m 39 weeks, is excuse enough for me not getting anything done. right? right.

to be fully honest, I’ve been trying not to think about having this second kiddo. it’s the “the less I think about it, the sooner it’ll happen” approach. so far, it’s not given me any results. but I figure it’s better than fretting about it, since I’m not even due until May 14. and I could go two weeks past that. so I will continue to eat my spicy food [and then down tums, as the heartburn is unbearable!], go for walks, and drink raspberry tea to get this kickstarted. there is something about a “Super Moon” this weekend, though, so we’ll see. as my mother-in-law is out of town [and the person who’s watching S while I’m in labor], and R doesn’t defend his dissertation until Tuesday, it’s really okay if I don’t go into labor.

all right, enough baby talk. onto kiddo talk!

M and I have been hanging out a bunch, specifically at the park for the kiddos sake. the weather hasn’t been too hot, though definitely warmer than normal. so, Happy Rock Park has become a familiar destination. it gets S out of the house, but we might need to work on the social skills. she has a tendency to make ‘friends’ with the other kiddos at the park, BUT to not learn their names. [because what would the point of that be?] instead, she runs around the playground, shouting ‘hey, kid! kid, come push me! hey, kid!’ smh. hopefully, with the entrance of preschool, this will not occur. good lord.

oh, the joy! she was definitely excited that the big kids were pushing – “faster! faster!”

N, definitely wanting to be a big kid – he followed every single kid around that park with pure wonder in his eyes!

that night, we spoiled them a bit. Grandma & Grandpa definitely wanted to see the kiddos, as Grandma had been out of town for a while, so we headed to the local DQ. let’s just say, two kids under the age of three, on a hot, humid day does not make for a clean ice cream event. I have never brought S home so dirty – between the park that day, ice cream that night, and the potting soil she covered herself in, bath time was a must!

holy moly – this kid! he was red from head to toe. no amount of wipes could fix this damage!

this ice cream was definitely in a cone at first. then, even S requested a cup so as to not loose her precious treat. it was definitely a sticky night!

our life has slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks, which is nice. R is done teaching; now he’s focused on wrapping up grading and his defense this coming week. after that, he’ll be home free! S’s birthday is coming up shortly, so we’ll have some work to do there. oh, and have a baby. whatever.

oh, I kid.

it’ll be nice to no longer be pregnant, though, that’s for sure. hopefully, not too much longer! and if it’s silent on the blog for the next couple of weeks, I beg your forgiveness. there’s something about sleepless nights that doesn’t always produce the most coherent thoughts!


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