photo bomb!

in the past, I uploaded all my photos of the family through facebook. I certainly have a love/hate relationship with said social network. it’s certainly nice to be able to keep in touch with folks [especially with the impending move]; I like being able to hyperlink items [including this blog]; and I have to recognize that it has infiltrated society, given that everyone has it, and you certainly are missing out in some aspects of life if you don’t have an account.

on the other hand, facebook likes to think they own everything you upload to their site. because, well, they do. [they also like to think their e-mail is so bad-a that they removed your chosen e-mail from your settings and have given you a new one – so, you know … there’s that]. I’ve decided to circumvent them as much as possible. there is the occasional photo posted of G & S, but I’ll be shifting it to here from now on. without any further ado … photo bomb!

this photo is from a few weeks ago, but I thought it needed to be included. it’s just classic S – she’s having a blast in a park she loves. she’s also slightly demanding/asking girls she doesn’t know from anyone to twist her. and no, even after encouragement, she never asked their names. or said thank you. oh, manners – they will happen!

the applewhite fam has been enjoying the local dairy queen (especially post splash park – is there anything better on a hot summer day than the pool, the park, and ice cream? exactly) the cutie N is downing his delicious treat. and yes, the ground had more of it than his stomach. but he enjoyed it, for sure!

S, here enjoying her ice cream cone. in a cup. because that’s how she rolls.

the day before li’l G arrived – S was enamored with the iPads at the Apple Store. she immediately found a drawing app, and dug in. this is one creative & technologically savvy kiddo.


crashed! one of the few times he’s been on his own to sleep – it was adorable while it lasted

how do you not include this one? he’s apparently very excited about something. I mean, who wouldn’t be when wearing those overalls? I’m excited about them, anyway

back at the park! I include this because it shows her undying love of this toy (and no, I can’t even describe what it officially is – this place is out of the future space age). R & I have loved getting out, too, to walk and enjoy some nature. before it hit 100 degrees. we have lines, people, and we’re not crossing them.

even in the midst of the chaos of having a baby and moving and everyday life, I did finally sneak in for a haircut. as some have commented on, my hair is long. quite long, in fact, for me – I don’t think it’s been this long since I was little. I’ve found it’s surprisingly cheaper and not as hard to maintain as I was afraid it would be. I’m liking it

I promised photos! this latest addition to R’s forearm is in honor of his profession. as he studies communication and its affect on culture, his thoughts went a bit retro. the mic obviously represents what he so passionately studies; the flower ties his arm all together, given that his upper arm has a banyan tree & a river flowing down. the guy we see at Old Souls Tattoo is amazing – anyone in kansas city wanting a tattoo should head to the Crossroads District and check out his work.

here are some shots proving G does try to hold his head up – he’s not always a fan of the tummy time, but his neck is certainly getting stronger. his eyes and mouth are cracking me up here, too!

a shot from just today (he’s getting big!) I had my final appointment with my midwife, and brought li’l G along. he was a champ, sleeping for most of the drive and appointment (read: he was very full and very quiet!) he’s exactly six weeks today, and time has flown. his adorable-ness makes me melt.


in other, more boring news, we’re getting packed up. some friends of ours are having a garage sale, so we got motivated to sort through our own items and pass them along to them. I may have mentioned that before, but we can’t have anyone over anymore. mostly because there’s really nothing here to see! we’ve got some basics out, but not much else.

time will fly – next week, our out-of-town family comes in-town for the 4th of July. we then begin to prep for our final shindig at M & M’s place. and then, we pack. for real. R will drive out of town with everything we own; I’ll stay behind with my mom for a few days, and then go myself with the kiddos on an airplane, which will be less stressful for me and possibly entertaining for S.

it’ll go quick. I’ll go between sadness, anxiety, joy, contentment, and eagerness (and already have – mix that in with postpartum emotions – whew). we’ve been in limbo (both professionally and living-wise) for a long, long time. it just shows, you can’t have your cake and eat it too – we’re trading professional and financial security for the loss of family and friends in our hometown. but, as R keeps reminding me, we’re trading it for an incredible city (see my previous posts for proof!). and we’re eager to show off some Southern hospitality – feel free to come and visit. we’ll take you to crab shakes, local bars, and Folly Beach. it’ll be fantastic for all involved!


how a baby can totally school you when you thought you had it all put together

ahh, the joys of parenthood. they’re awesome, fulfilling, and incredible. sometimes incredibly frustrating. but incredible, nonetheless.

li’l G has decided to help completely shift my thoughts on parenting and what will fly and won’t. I’ve mentioned this before, but I never thought I’d be co-sleeping with my infant. I also thought I’d be allowed more than five minutes free of said infant, to do basics like you know, taking a shower. or going to the bathroom. or eating a full meal. [I’m just asking for the basics here!]

apparently my son has different intentions.

I have never seen a baby so attached to one person [I’ll let you figure out who that one person is – ahem]. when S was a wee little one, she HATED to be held. she’d eat, and then she wanted some downtime in her own chair. far away from the grasps of eager & loving grandmas, uncles and aunts. as R & I saw her all the time, it didn’t bother me too bad then. looking back, I was surprisingly productive. she also slept on her own with little to no problem, so my bed was, well, my bed.

this time around, we have exactly the opposite in him. he eats like a champ [which, it should be noted, that S really struggled to nurse for a few weeks – between a sleepy newborn and first-time-mom who had no idea what she was doing, it was a frustrating experience at first]. G, on the other hand, has had no trouble figuring out that piece of life. he just doesn’t want me to ever leave him after that. he wants to be held [mostly by me]; he wants to sleep [mostly next to or on me]; he wants to snuggle [again, mostly by me].

in my head, I keep trying to remind myself that in a few years, I’ll miss this – that G will no longer be so attached to me, that I’ll want him to be snuggling with me, and sad that it isn’t happening anymore. I also have to remember that he’s a mere five weeks old, and that I may have had unrealistic expectations about what life looks like with two children. I’m a very structured, “I have a plan” kind of gal, and it’s annoying to me when my plan gets disrupted. by anything [just ask R how many fights we’ve had over half-baked plans that threaten my concrete ones – it’s not always pretty].

so this has been my reality for the past few weeks. and I’m going to accept it. I cannot change his temperament [as much as I may want to, in the short term anyway]. I have to become more realistic about what I can and cannot accomplish in a day [which is probably not the full schedules I’ve been attempting to maintain since his birth]. and this goes for me at most times, but I need to look around me and take stock of how life is now. I can get so caught up in what I “need” to accomplish in a day, or what’s coming down the pipe for us as a family that I loose sight of what is going on right in front of me at the current moment.

so I plan to do just that – to take a deep breath, enjoy what is happening right now, and enjoy each day with my kiddos. they won’t be little for forever [or, even for that long!] and I certainly don’t want to miss it.

the countdown begins

R & I realized that we have only five more weekends in kansas city. what?!? the situations in which my eyes tear up are becoming more frequent. my sister, M, related to me that she was at dinner with her husband, and started to cry about our move. when she was telling me this, I began to tear up. and so did she. again.

it’s going to be an emotional time here in kc!

we’re certainly trying to capitalize on our time here. we have a few kansas city specific outings planned, such as the Nelson Atkins and the Shatto Farm. R is getting another tattoo done, with his favorite artist, before it’s time to head east. [pictures to come, promise! I’ve only heard it described, so I’m just as in the dark as all of you.]

oh, and we also have to pack the house. and celebrate the 4th of July [which is an all week affair with his family]. and do all of it on almost no sleep, because we have a newborn. [big, deep breaths in!]

did I mention it’s a bit emotional?

we’re started to say the good-byes, too, especially with the people we only see occasionally or know we won’t come across before we scoot next month. I haven’t lost it yet, but the final good-byes with the family will be rough. like, I’m not even thinking about it because the airport scene will not be pretty. and so, moving on.

S is doing great. she’s been back to ‘school’ this week. unfortunately, she had caught a stomach bug the week before, and couldn’t go. she was bummed, and [let’s all be honest here] I was bummed as well. I definitely appreciate the break Parents Day Out provides, so it was a double whammy: no break, and bodily fluids to clean up. yea. she’s feeling 100% now, and we’ve already made it to the splash park and Happy Rock park for some fun times in this gorgeous weather.

we had some wonderful friends over to meet the incredible G. as he loves to snuggle, he was a fan of the wonderful ladies who willingly snuggled up with him and sent him off to dream land. I loved seeing them, and both had kids S is friends with, so we all had wins happening in those few days.

he’s an awesome baby. I refuse to complain about him not sleeping on his own [as I’ve mentioned before], because one day, he’ll be all grown up and I won’t be able to snuggle with him then. and in every other area, he’s awesome. he eats like a champ, loves to ride in the car, and loves to be in his stroller during walks in the park. as he’s 4 weeks old [WHAT?! good lord, time flies] you can begin to see his personality peeking out a bit – if he’s at all like his sister, he’ll be a smart, inquisitive, and impish li’l kiddo. I look forward to seeing more of it.

R is doing well, also. we’ve made this announcement before, but he is officially Dr. R, Ph.D. it was all legit when we announced; now, it’s simply official with the university and people who actually print the diploma. he had his final meetings with his adviser, who officially signed off on his dissertation, therefore allowing him to deposit it with the university. all of that means = he’s done! he’s officially on break, and allowed to take his first real breather in over a year. trust me, he absolutely deserves it. the hours he has put in to get his graduate degrees is absolutely astounding.

when we first began this journey six years ago, we had no idea how difficult it would be. but, the Father was always providing for us and making sure we were taken care of. and now, it’s done. we’re eager to start this new season in Charleston. it will be incredible. even through my tear-filled eyes & snotty nose, all of it will be worth it.

hey – there’s a baby here!

it’s been a few weeks – I do apologize. in my defense, I was a little busy. you know, having a baby [see adorable cuteness below]:

one of the first photos! forgive the lack of clarity – I was the photographer, and not quite with it yet

this is a few days in [like, two]. darn it if he’s not freakin’ adorable

the last I posted, I was a bit down, and through the writing process, realized how blessed I was. then, I had this li’l guy, and I discovered that I was even more blessed than I knew. this kiddo is making me melt!

the labor wasn’t too bad. ish. maybe one day I’ll write about it for the public. [I have journaled about it, but we’ll see how much of that is released!] I know for some, they’re eager to hear how it all went down. others [if they’re at all like R], throw up at the thought of labor. so I’ll keep it short. we thought we were going to have a baby Tuesday night. fortunately, I decided to wait an additional hour after my contractions had picked up, to make sure it was the real deal. I’m glad, because they were not at all the ‘real-deal’ and I would have wasted a perfectly good drive down to the hospital. I had an appointment with my midwife at noon the next day; she confirmed that I was in the midst of early labor, and thought based on all the information, that we’d have him by that evening. I agreed – and we were both right. boom. proof right there for the power of thought making things happen!

long story short, I had a baby that night. like I said, I’ll probably write it up at some point to fill in the details. we were certainly loved on by family & friends, both those at the hospital and not. my sister, M, had been in the delivery room, helping both myself and R stay focused and being a true cheerleader at the end. my parents and brother were there, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second grandson/nephew. my mother-in-law awesomely watched S the day we went to the hospital, and the following two days of staying at Overland Park Regional. she brought S down the next day to check out her new brother.

yes, this is a shot from the house, not the hospital. apparently I was not with it at all and have zero from the hospital. I’m working on rectifying that situation. on another note, look at that proud, big sister grin!


this little girl is definitely a fan of her li’l bro! she is head over heels with him, that’s for sure – and he is a fan of her, too! [as much as he can, anyway] he locks into her voice and face the instant she’s in a room. adorable.

we came home that Friday, and have settled in quite nicely. he is the inverse of S in so many ways – isn’t it awesome and interesting how 1 day old babies have a distinct personality that rears itself up? S struggled to stay awake to eat, to the point that the hospital staff wanted us to supplement nursing with formula. but on the flip side, we never had trouble getting her to sleep. this kid = exact opposite. he eats on a rhythm that impressed the staff at the hospital [and me, after we left!] but you want this kid to sleep by himself? hahahaha. you’re hilarious. most of the time, he snuggles with a family member or myself. and crashes in our bed at night. a bit part of it is because he loves to have his pacifier in, but can’t control it. so most of his sleeping time is me pushing it back in so he can calm himself back down. [my arms & back are currently sighing.] I will say, we have begun the process of getting him away from me and/or our bed for sleep. [I never, ever would have thought I’d be co-sleeping with my infant – just goes to show that parenting is a fluid mix of decisions not based on any particular parenting style. mostly, it’s based on survival. at least, for the first six weeks.] once we get moved and settled, we’ll work on it hardcore. in the meantime, I won’t lie – I’m enjoying the snuggles. S hated to sleep/sit/snuggle with anyone, so I’ll eagerly take it from him.

time certainly flies. he’ll be three weeks tomorrow. it seems like only yesterday, and yet so long ago, since I’ve had him. [I feel the same about S, though, and that’s been 4 years now – eek!]. and while I enjoy certain aspects of newborns, I’ll be eager to return to full nights of uninterrupted sleep. I look forward to a better emotional interactions – they just get so fun when they’re giggling and cooing. though, this is pretty darn cute, too:

oh yeah