the countdown begins

R & I realized that we have only five more weekends in kansas city. what?!? the situations in which my eyes tear up are becoming more frequent. my sister, M, related to me that she was at dinner with her husband, and started to cry about our move. when she was telling me this, I began to tear up. and so did she. again.

it’s going to be an emotional time here in kc!

we’re certainly trying to capitalize on our time here. we have a few kansas city specific outings planned, such as the Nelson Atkins and the Shatto Farm. R is getting another tattoo done, with his favorite artist, before it’s time to head east. [pictures to come, promise! I’ve only heard it described, so I’m just as in the dark as all of you.]

oh, and we also have to pack the house. and celebrate the 4th of July [which is an all week affair with his family]. and do all of it on almost no sleep, because we have a newborn. [big, deep breaths in!]

did I mention it’s a bit emotional?

we’re started to say the good-byes, too, especially with the people we only see occasionally or know we won’t come across before we scoot next month. I haven’t lost it yet, but the final good-byes with the family will be rough. like, I’m not even thinking about it because the airport scene will not be pretty. and so, moving on.

S is doing great. she’s been back to ‘school’ this week. unfortunately, she had caught a stomach bug the week before, and couldn’t go. she was bummed, and [let’s all be honest here] I was bummed as well. I definitely appreciate the break Parents Day Out provides, so it was a double whammy: no break, and bodily fluids to clean up. yea. she’s feeling 100% now, and we’ve already made it to the splash park and Happy Rock park for some fun times in this gorgeous weather.

we had some wonderful friends over to meet the incredible G. as he loves to snuggle, he was a fan of the wonderful ladies who willingly snuggled up with him and sent him off to dream land. I loved seeing them, and both had kids S is friends with, so we all had wins happening in those few days.

he’s an awesome baby. I refuse to complain about him not sleeping on his own [as I’ve mentioned before], because one day, he’ll be all grown up and I won’t be able to snuggle with him then. and in every other area, he’s awesome. he eats like a champ, loves to ride in the car, and loves to be in his stroller during walks in the park. as he’s 4 weeks old [WHAT?! good lord, time flies] you can begin to see his personality peeking out a bit – if he’s at all like his sister, he’ll be a smart, inquisitive, and impish li’l kiddo. I look forward to seeing more of it.

R is doing well, also. we’ve made this announcement before, but he is officially Dr. R, Ph.D. it was all legit when we announced; now, it’s simply official with the university and people who actually print the diploma. he had his final meetings with his adviser, who officially signed off on his dissertation, therefore allowing him to deposit it with the university. all of that means = he’s done! he’s officially on break, and allowed to take his first real breather in over a year. trust me, he absolutely deserves it. the hours he has put in to get his graduate degrees is absolutely astounding.

when we first began this journey six years ago, we had no idea how difficult it would be. but, the Father was always providing for us and making sure we were taken care of. and now, it’s done. we’re eager to start this new season in Charleston. it will be incredible. even through my tear-filled eyes & snotty nose, all of it will be worth it.


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