at the end of this month, I will live in a new state …

and time keeps marching on! the milner fam has only two [count ’em, two] more weekends in town! holy moly, it’s going by fast.

too fast in many respects, especially concerning family and friends. and not fast enough, in terms of the actual move and packing. I will love, love, love having my own place again! R & I were daydreaming a couple of days ago about settling in – how we’d set the kitchen up, what little knick-knacks we needed for the bathroom. well, I was thinking of knick-knacks. he was thinking of movie posters for the living room.

my mother-in-law has been fabulous. for those who don’t know this back story, here’s the down and dirty real quick. we sold our house [finally!] back in December. that in and of itself is another story. anyway, it gets sold, but we have no where to go for the in-between time before R was going to get a job. it wasn’t quite long enough for lease anywhere else, but obviously it was still a substantial amount of time to live with anyone. she graciously offered her basement, and the now four of us have been crashing here every since. we have our own living space, and then share the kitchen and bathroom. it’s certainly not the worst place, and she has been gracious ever since we moved in. she and S have had an awesome chance to hang out, too – they have a lovely Saturday morning “Cartoon Day” tradition, complete with pancakes and Team Umi Zoomi.

it’s been almost seven months, and we’re eager to get into our own, unique Milner rhythm. R said it’d be like Christmas, opening boxes we haven’t seen in months! and our new place is awesome – I’m eager to get in there and get settled.

we’re having a, as R calls it, “Life Event” party next week. it’s many events rolled into one, including graduation, my birthday, G’s birth, getting a job, and saying good-bye. if you’re in town, you’re more than welcome to stop by! we’d love to see as many as people as possible before we load up the truck in two weeks.

p.s. we took family photos, both of the four of us, the in-laws, and ALL the great-grandchildren over the 4th – once our cousin gets them processed, we’ll post a few. there are some killer ones of S & G!


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