ups & downs [and then up again!]

we’ll keep it short today – not because I don’t want to share more details of my lovely life with you wonderful folks. it’s just that the main event of the week is this evening, and we will be sure to post all of the fun and fabulous photos of tonight’s festivities. for those of you on the fence as to whether you’ll be headed out to our Carolina Jubilee – please come! I may have mascara running down my face all night long, and many kleenex boxes may be used, but it will all be in the awesome name of saying good-bye to all of you lovely people who have made Kansas City so special and so dear to us.

in other news, my son may actually be learning to sleep on his own! glory be! we’re figuring him out, he’s figuring us out and it’s all good. he’s such a great smiler right now! he definitely looks like a Milner. for a while, he had a bit of S in him, but that’s fading. over the 4th, many an Asby confirmed how much he looks like R and his uncle, E.

S has been her awesome self. she’s loving school right now, I think mostly due to the large amount of art projects they’ve been doing this summer. I think she’ll flow right into preschool with little problems. apparently all that work on her LeapFrog and iPad is paying off – the kid can make some decent letters and “read” some familiar books. it just warms this li’l English mama’s heart!

on a more sober note, my uncle is doing better. for those of you who followed the drama on FB, you know our family rushed down to Springfield this last weekend. he had had a massive heart attack the night before, and ended up being LifeFlighted from his home in southern MO to a hospital in Springfield. we rushed, mostly because the doctors didn’t think he’d make it through Sunday. my mom and grandma flew in from Kentucky [which is another LONG story as to why she’s there – needless to say, this has not been my mom or her family’s year]; his son flew in from his naval base in California; his girlfriend had been there the whole time, and her family was there to support her and see him, as well. even into Monday, the staff was prepping the family to say they’re good-byes and warning he wouldn’t last though the night.

and then he woke up! he’d been in a medically-induced coma for a couple of days, wasn’t responded how he should have to prove brain functionality, and then woke up as people were saying their heartfelt good-byes – wow! he’s far from out of the woods; he’s still in the ICU and they’re running tons of tests on him to see where he stands currently. as my mom has said, though, just take it a day at a time because that’s all they can handle at the moment.

with the exception of my uncle, this week has been what you would expect for a family moving half a continent away. we’ve been packing, hanging out with the kids, watching my nephew, and officially saying good-bye to friends. tonight is, of course, the big shindig and I look forward to seeing some awesome friends and family! photos and hilarious stories will follow soon.


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