there’s no crying … well, actually there is

R’s beloved aunt loves to quote “there’s no crying in baseball”. fortunately, I do not play baseball. I’m a horrible athlete. but when it comes to moving across the country, I’m a pro. and there is definitely crying involved there.

R left town Saturday morning – my dad & my brother-in-law joined him in the 1100 mile trek eastward. because of how our flights worked out, I knew I’d miss seeing the two of them at the airport. my mother-in-law came over for her official good-bye to R. needless to say, it was sad good-byes all around.

then, I crashed at my parents house, waiting around for my mom to get back into town and gratefully using her spare bedrooms, given that R took all of the mattresses with him. I won’t lie – I enjoyed the quiet. we’ve been on the go for about a month now, saying good-bye to everyone, and it was nice to just stay inside, ignore the heat, and mindlessly watch some tv with the kiddos. mom drove into town sunday night. she joined in the mindless tv watching [given her life right now, I know it was a welcome break]. we got Mexican food, we did a little laundry, and then we prepped for the harrowing journey of flying with two kids the following day. I say that slightly sarcastically, given our technological and modern comforts. but, still. it’s a full day of a total of three flights with two kids under four [enough numbers for you?!?]

at the airport Tuesday, I was an emotional wreck. I’ve obviously flown before, but not by myself in a while. I had to have everything organized for myself and the kids, and then try to balance myself emotionally. my sister, M, drove us to the airport. I sat in the backseat with S, willing myself not to cry that early into the morning. [I was almost successful]. we got through check-in substantially faster than I thought we would, so we had more time to stand around and try to deflect our emotions for a little bit longer. given that we were wrangling all three kids [my nephew joined in the early morning party], that was relatively easy.

and then, I couldn’t put it off any longer, and had to get in line at security. my mother-in-law came with a couple of her good friends, and we said good-bye. let me just give props where props are due – this women willingly allowed us to stay with her [rent free, I might add] for over seven months, helped me chase S around when I was still pregnant [and after!], and has been nothing but supportive for R’s career and us emotionally. it was a rough good-bye.

and then came the biggie. my sister & best friend. I had no words. I just let myself cry, and didn’t try to say anything. we’ve been good friends our whole lives, and best friends as we’ve gotten older. she helped me birth my two kids; she has willingly watched them over the past four years [as I have her son]. there have been countless dinners at each others houses, tons of nights where we’ve watched movies while the husbands played video games, and many a shopping date. we just click on so many levels, and it sucks that we’re not as geographically close as we want to be. it sucks bad.

the trip itself wasn’t so bad; S really took to it. she colored many a coloring book, and chewed gum all day to pop her ears. it was adorable. G ate & slept, and clearly wasn’t bothered by the air pressure. he bounced between my mom and I, and was awesomely chill the whole time. Mom and I got where we needed to go, and were [as one would expect] just tired when the day was through.

it was AWESOME to see R when we disembarked! we’d been separated for four days, and it was great to be back together. we grabbed our bags, and headed to our new home. almost nothing was officially unpacked; we ordered take-out, let Mom crash on our air mattress, and started to get to work. in the end, it took almost four days to unpack, clear out the trash, and get things settled & decorated. even with Mom’s awesome help, it was a long four days.

we are not moving again for a long time.

this will be in a different post, but we headed to the beach. Mom & I found a fantastic Mexican restaurant not far from our place. and, all too soon, I had another good-bye.

Mom had rented a car to drive back to her parents place [that is a super long story – I may write that up later, but know that all is not well for my grandparents, physically and medically speaking, and my mom has been helping them survive for the past few months]. I dropped her off to get her car, and drove back to my apartment with tears streaming down my face. I have always lived within a 20 mile radius of my parents & family – 1100 miles is just crazy. I think reality hit me a bit, also, that we’re on our own for a bit. I have no doubt we’ll make friends and settle into an awesome church, or that R won’t hit it off with his fellow professors. but at this very moment, we don’t have that and it made me sad and scared and nervous and everything in between.

there are, of course, positive notes to talk about. Charleston, as we all know, is an amazing city. it is beautiful, quiet, and relatively compact – nothing is more than twenty minutes away, and when you’re coming from Kansas City, that’s amazing! we made time for the beach, and enjoyed the sea, sun, and seashells. there is amazing food here, specifically at Folly Beach Crab Shack [amazing crab cakes, fried pickles, & hushpuppies – yum!]. and let’s not forget the amazing Mexican restaurant – we’ll definitely be back! S is taking it all in stride; there haven’t been any huge emotional freak outs. she is, of course, tired from the travel day and not having a peaceful room to nap in, but that has mostly been taken care of after a couple good nights of sleep. G has been doing great – him in a room with four walls to take a nap in has been fabulous! R is excited; we’re mostly settled, and now he can get to work and enjoy this awesome city that his success has brought us to.

I’m excited, as well. we have our own place, which is 95% complete. we’re back in a rhythm and routine that is mostly familiar to us. we have the internet [i.e., we have FaceTime & Skype, which we will make the most of!] and like I told R before we moved, I’m grateful for his job, and just as grateful for airplanes.


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