Grandma Dee – a life lived well

my Grandma Dee passed away this last Tuesday. to say that our family is sad and heartbroken would be an understatement. she was an amazing women, who loved the Father with all her being. even as she struggled with difficult diseases over the past eleven years, had migraines consistently, and desired to travel and be with family & friends more often – but couldn’t – she handled it with grace and dignity that I admire and respect.

R, myself, and the kids all went to Kentucky to be with my mom, Grandpa, and family. it was a long three days, heightened by heavy emotions. we made it into town Wednesday in time for a church memorial service. she had requested a praise & worship service over the traditional funeral service. it was wonderful. my grandpa spoke beautifully about her. he gave the Lord praise for restoring her emotionally & spiritually, making her into the person I knew for the last twenty-seven odd years. the women who thought the best of everyone, even as she acknowledged they were human and needed the Father in their lives. the women who introduced me to skiing, to sewing, to cooking, and to coffee [to that, can I get an amen? amen!]

she was a fabulous women. she was beloved by all who knew her. I had countless friends of hers come up to me at the visitation, consistently saying how often she talked of her family. she was so eager to talk about her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren. when I had walked into her home for the first time in a while, I was blown away at how many photos she had of all of us & our kids. she was in love with her family, making them the highest priority.

there’s really no other way to say it; she was wonderful. all of us grandkids eagerly looked forward to spending our weeks in the summer, going to Kings Island, to dollar movies with popcorn & candy we would sneak in, to her absolutely delicious food she’d prep when we were in town. the woman knew how to cook: chicken pot pie & oven burritos are among the first to mention. when we’d visit in Kentucky or go to Colorado to the cabin, we all knew we’d gain about 10 lbs. Christmas with her was fabulous.

nah, forget it – anytime with her was fabulous.

I will miss her greatly. she was a fountain of wisdom, had an excellent wit, and was a joy to be around. I do recognize, though, that she is truly in a better place. she is no longer in pain, and is loving it up with Jesus. I’m not so selfish as to deny her that. she endured this physical life for long enough with pain and trouble for three lifetimes; she deserves to be free of that discouragement and pain.

she was awesome. I will always love her, and look forward to passing on her recipes, her quilts, and her legacy to my own children. if I am half the woman she was, my life has been a success.

love you, Grandma Dee.


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