update central

and we’re now into another week of Southern living. and yes, it’s totally just like the magazine. or, so I’m told.

R started working this week. oh wait – he’s been at work for the last two weeks, but now all that prep work has meant something and now classes have officially kicked off. it was certainly a busy week for all of us. it meant he was gone all day, and I was in full-swing ‘stay-at-home-mom’ mode. alluding to the previous prep-work comment, it also meant he had meetings, orientations, office hours, and had to bring work home in the evenings. there’s nothing like a new job to pile on the work and make you feel overwhelmed. but, give him a couple of weeks, he’ll find his feet, and be ahead of his work schedule. or not. because school semesters are intense and almost always mean 60+ hours of work.

S has been doing well. R took her back to the park a few days ago, with the purpose of practicing her tricycle. she struggles to get started, but if you give her some momentum, she takes it from there. she’s very impressed with herself, as the photos R has taken of her show. [I also no longer have to buy pull-ups; I’ll allow the parents to deduce why we had to buy pull-ups in the first place, and then why we no longer have to. btw, it’s awesome!] we also dropped by her school, to finish off paperwork and to find out specifics for class on Monday [eek!]. when I went by the first time, they weren’t sure who her teacher would be, so we took the opportunity to meet her. her name is Miss Cathy, and I think she’ll be great for S. she seemed a great balance of rules/structure and laid-back attitude. it’s only a class of 10, so she won’t be lost in a sea of faces. we shopped for her supplies, and she’s set to start Monday!

[just a side note … how in the world do I have a kid old enough to shop for school supplies? I was in Target, somewhat drowning in my emotions over it. there’s a certain tension [one that I’m sure will never go away]; you’re happy they’re advancing and growing, but so sad that they’re moving away from you. anyway … ]

G is a growing machine. I was skyping last night with M, M, & N, and they could not believe how big he was! granted, he is almost four months [and cue another … WHAT?!?] but he’s a solid, dense kid. perhaps it’s kind of a boy thing? S was never this dense; but there are, of course, plenty of skinny boys. whatever the reason, he’s getting to be a bit of a chunk. he’s almost exclusively on formula; as soon as I can start him on solids, I will. he is the happiest, cutest baby – unless he’s hungry. he’s only slept through the night a couple, few times. not anything back-t0-back, and not at all consistently. I won’t lie, it’s a bit disheartening. S was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks, with very few interruptions. I know his situation has been different from hers, namely in that she had her own room from the beginning and we were more than intentional with her schedule. he, on the other hand, had no walls for the first nine weeks, we then moved him, and now he shares a room with S. if he’s full, though, he goes down no problem. if he’s not, look out. any of you well seasoned moms out there, feel free to pass along any wisdom you may have!

I’m okay. I won’t lie, it’s been a huge adjustment these last few weeks. I feel like the true ramifications of the move are finally settling in. I miss everyone back home. last night, when skyping, N cried/screamed when we had to say good-bye. I felt like being that emotionally explosive, too. some of it just sucks. M is pregnant, so I’m missing out on that experience. I miss the day-to-day interaction of seeing folks. this reaction is a bit delayed, too, because for the longest time I was just surviving. we had moved, unpacked, and then we had to go to Kentucky for the death of my grandma. that was [is] emotionally loaded, as well. so, roll all of that into my tired-sleepless night -shell, and that’s what I’m like right now. not all the time; it comes in waves, for sure. and some are higher than others.

I’ll be excited to get into a church, partially for my own socially-selfish reasons. with all that has been going on, the move, the travel, and the settling-into-work phase, we haven’t made it. we have an awesome recommendation, so we’ll be following up on that one first. R suggested a book club, which wouldn’t be a half bad idea. I’ll be looking for a cool book shop that hosts one. I’m the hunt!

so that’s the Milners for this week. next week, I’ll be sure to include some photos. we’re going to a waterfront park tomorrow, and school starts Monday. I feel like that event alone will require photo documentation.



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