water, water, everywhere – and not a drop to drink!

hello family & friends! I feel like there’s so much to write on this week, so let’s get to it!

R’s department had a get-to-know-you picnic last weekend. it was nice to get out, enjoy the spectacular weather, and meet the folks he works with on a daily basis now. S had a blast, because they had a killer playground. she also reunited with some other kids she’d met in the last few weeks. she ran until she could run no more. and then, we walked to the edge of the pier.

the land you can [kind of] see is Daniels Island, which we haven’t personally checked out, but here is really nice. calm waters for a boat, eh?

then, it was prep time for school! oh my word, I still can’t really believe it. we grabbed the last of the needed school supplies on Sunday, and got ready the night before. S could hardly stand it. for three weeks, she’s lamented being a “fall kid”, wanting to instead be a “summer kid” at school so she could attend already. we had to prep her, too, that she wouldn’t be there all day. and yes, she’s still disappointed about that reality, and has requested that I go back to work full-time so she can go all day with her friends.

thanks, kids. thanks.

anyway, she was more than ready for Monday morning. she even let me take a picture, which is a rare occurrence these days.

complete with backpack & lunch box – we’re ready to go!

G and I enjoyed a quiet morning. it was a little jarring, to not have to run interference or answer a million questions or get down art supplies or pour milk or get down snacks. [rest assured, though, all of that picks back up around 1!] in the midst of our morning, I got a phone call from the center. that’s never a good sign.

dang, if that’s not a great lookin’ black eye. we didn’t even make it two hours into school before that happened!

S apparently rushed the blue slide with unabashed enthusiasm, and fell right into the ladder. in the above photo, it looks pretty puffy and sore. it only got worse as the week wore on, but has fortunately begun to fade away. she had an actual scrape in it, too, so it bled everywhere. she, apparently, was not fazed by this event at all. the staff told me her first question was: “does this mean I don’t get to play on the playground anymore?!?”

good lord.

once she was assured she could go back, post ice pack and band-aid, she calmed down. and one morning when I dropped her off, I saw her rush right back to the same slide that did the damage. yeah, she’s tough.

G is doing well. we’re officially done with nursing. I knew it’d come some time or another – he has an appetite! and one, apparently, that I cannot keep up with. once I officially moved him to formula, he actually hit a 4 hour schedule [which had never happened before – ever] and his naps are the best they’ve ever been. even when I was supplementing, they weren’t this good. I’m a little sad I won’t be nursing anymore, especially since he’s probably the last li’l Milner, but I couldn’t justify it anymore. he was a hungry, hungry baby. we did go ahead and try out some oatmeal this last week.

I’m not totally sure what this face says – all I know is he did not dig solid food. given his new formula schedule, I’d say that’s okay. we’ll shelve it for a few more months.

he’s just a super happy, grinny, adorable baby – once he starts to really sleep through the night, all of us will be that much happier. but now that I know the ONLY reason he’s ever unhappy is because he’s hungry, I feel confident that will fall in line soon enough.

and just in case you don’t believe me on how happy he is …



triple boom.

I also got a little work on their room done this week. both bedrooms are seriously lacking in decor. a few months ago, I had found some prints I really like – they weren’t too girly or boyish, they matched the bedding I wanted, and wouldn’t overpower what I want to do with S’s side of the room. I finally got all the products printed, purchased, & cut. [and thanks to the handmadehome.net for these – they were apart of her free printable giveaways, which you can find at her website – awesome!]

G’s side of the room – now, not quite so bare

a li’l up close & personal

we have plans for S’s side of the room, but that’ll have to wait for a moment. they are killed posters, which we’ve wanted for a while. I’m super eager to get them, though, and show them off!

in other news, R almost drowned coming home from work on Tuesday. I’d like to say that’s an exaggeration, but, well, it kind of wasn’t. Isaac, when it was still just a baby tropical storm before becoming the awful hurricane that it did, spiraled as far west as Mexico and as far east as us in the Carolina beaches. it rained an inch an hour for a few hours, and quickly overtook the city. downtown floods pretty consistently, but even the locals were taken aback by how drastic this storm was. we later heard it was the most rain they’d ever received from a storm that was not a hurricane.

okay. cool.

and by the way, these folks know water. we saw many umbrellas, galoshes, raincoats, and kayaks. yes. kayaks. folks throw helmets on, and jump in their kayaks to navigate and swim downtown. you know, for fun.

mt pleasant flooded; west ashley flooded; james island flooded. everywhere was flooded. I went to get S from school in the midst of it, and could not drive the main drag home because the intersection was impassable. oh, and did I mention my phone was dead, so I couldn’t route myself back. oh, and right before it died, I was talking with R, who was saying the water was up to his car door, he didn’t know how he’d get home, and then hung up on me, shouting profanity out of fear of the rising water.

needless to say, it was a bit stressful.

fortunately, S’s teacher gave me directions home that worked [meaning, none of THOSE roads were washed out]. I got home, and waited uneasily for my phone to charge and/or for R to get home. fortunately, my phone charged enough to call, and I found out he was okay. we were both a bit shaken. this might be part of the reason why …

that was a decent intersection. all of the others were washed out. oh boy.

in the end, it was fine. no one was hurt, there was only moderate flooding, and our town got some rain that made it even more beautiful and lush. it did confirm to me that when there is a true hurricane on our doorstep, we are not staying. not with two babies here, anyway. our car stinks, too, apparently. R had water leak in, through the door & due to the fact he had to have the window rolled down so he could see. I’m not quite sure what we do with that; he [jokingly] suggested we just put car air freshners in there and see what happens. something tells me that’s not going to do anything, except make his car carry a dual smell of “new car scent” and mold.

all in all, we’re good. missing everyone in KC, that’s for sure! I got excited today was 1 September, because it meant fall is right around the corner, and then Christmas is right around THAT corner, which means I then get to fly home! even if I didn’t want it to, time would fly. between school and chasing these two kiddos around all day, it flies right by. that being said, feel free to stop by anytime! we’d love seeing a familiar face!


One thought on “water, water, everywhere – and not a drop to drink!

  1. Hi, it’s Dad. Typing on the new/old Mac. Really loving it. Much nicer than my old PC, that weighed a ton. Love your stories of the new life. Like being there. About the mold, stinky issue. When it is not raining, leave the doors open, pull the mats out and sprinkle baking soda on the floor. Leave as long as possible, then sweep out. Get the large Fabreez (sp) and spray as often as you smell anything. Miss you guys, See you soon. Dad A.

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