and the Milners are down

this will be short & sweet. I had intentionally postponed getting an update done during the week because I had wanted to go through photos and write this really nic li’l piece.

and then we all got sick.

well, the baby didn’t get sick. so that’s nice.

it’s not anything incredibly awful or life-threatening – just annoying. S has had it the longest, just cough stuff. R & I have whatever it is, plus nasal congestion and sinus pressure. we laid low yesterday, thinking sleep and a slow day would aid in our recovery. and then we woke up this morning, with our heads filled back up with everything we thought we’d gotten rid of last night.

it’s no good.

we’re not making it to church, and are just going to curl up with the NFL this afternoon. hopefully by tomorrow, we’re square and ready to go. love you all, and I’ll post soon!


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