li’l G update!

so, I perused my postings list – I had a random post a couple of weeks ago about how we were all sick [and yes, we’re all, finally,  better! R had it for like two days [of course]; I had it for over two weeks [of course], and S had it first, got better, then got it again and is seemingly on the rebound – whew!] then, life happened, I didn’t slow down long enough to blog. then, I did slow down, but I had so much to write about it was overwhelming and emotional and I was somewhat nervous to just deluge my wonderful reading audience with an intense about of events/circumstances/emotional revelations in just one post.

so, lucky folks, you’re going to get a few over the next few days! I thought I’d break them up by person, start with the youngest and go from there – good? good.

li’l G is awesome! I think I’m going to upgrade the blog to handle video because you just have to hear him coo and giggle and babble and shriek. altogether in a nanosecond. even now as I’m typing, I’m playing peek-a-boo with him, and to see his smile burst out is pretty amazing. he’s an amazingly friendly, happy baby, much like S was. he’s in a 3-6/6-9 month clothes and a size 3 diaper – I don’t remember ever moving S up that fast! but, there it is. I think I had mentioned this before, but we went to the doctor recently. he’s square in the middle of his height and weight chart [50% and 50%, though I thought the weight was a little small – but what do I know? I’m no professional, you know, just the mom. whatevs.] anyway, here’s a pretty recent photo of this kiddo.


oh yeah – that fist tastes soooo delicious, while chillin’ at the park. good times.


I’ve put him on a pretty strict schedule. it’s one thing for him to wake up at night, want to eat, and go back to bed. it’s not ideal, but I can deal. he’s a baby, it’s not his fault, I’m a grown-up, and I won’t whine about it. [well, maybe a little.]

what’s not ideal is getting to the point where he was eating at 11 pm, waking up at 4 am, and just starting his day. he’d be fully awake when I went to his crib, he’d be fully awake while eating, and be fully awake for another hour afterwards. meanwhile, I’m barely trudging through to make the bottle, picking him, and kind of watching television, falling asleep on the couch with my arm around him, making sure he doesn’t roll off.

oh. my. word.

after three nights of this, I said “no more!” [and yes, it was just as loud and emphatic as you’re imaging – just ask R. I was so over it] so, he’s on a decent eating schedule [7, 10:30, 2:30, 6:30, and 10:30] – and guess what? the boy sleeps through the night! [cue angelic choruses!] everyone’s in love with this. I’m not sure how stuck to it he is [he did wake up for a minute last night – but it was to EAT. not to lounge with me while I got caught up on The Daily Show], so for now, I’ll take it the three nights I’ve gotten so far.

since he did start sleeping through the night, I backed off on the solids again. hungry really wasn’t the problem – the problem is/was that I wasn’t catering to his daytime sleep schedule like I did with S, and it translated into him not sleeping well at night. hopefully, this intentionality cures this problem.

he’s starting to roll over! I’m excited, as any parent is, for the next set of milestones to start kicking in. I won’t lie, though, part of me was a little sad – it just means I have to be that much more attentive as his sister has a relatively poor habit of picking up after herself. we’ve already had to remind her that G can’t play with the small stuff [which prompts huge and long conversations about ‘Why can’t he eat a Squinky? I love to play with Squinkys!’ or insert any other small, chokeable toy], and making sure we’re all careful as we walk because, lord knows, he’s halfway across the room between rolling and some half leg pushing-nonsense that isn’t exactly describable.

first official, true roll-over! I was in the kitchen, looked over, and there he was on the opposite side I had put him! S and I were proud – him, well, see the next photo …

yeah, we’re not REALLY digging it – he did a great job holding his head up for a few minutes, and then started scream/talking – there were a few smiles, but more screeches than anything. so you’ll flip him. and he’ll do it again. and be just as mad. it’s somewhat entertaining.

all in all, he is one happy, happy baby – he loves people, he loves running errends, he loves going to the pool, he loves going to the park, he loves going to the beach, he loves playing with toys, he loves staring out the porch and looking at the lizards [yea, not making that up], and just in general, being a-dor-a-ble. here’s a few parting shots…

I may have posted this one before, but it’s just killer! that smile is around 90% of the time [yes, even when he sleeps, he’s grinning]

post-pool trip. I’m pretty sure R threw my hat on him, which G thoroughly enjoyed. until it fell into his eyes and he could no longer see. then, it was one of the 10% moments that he was mad. but, before that happened, he looked pretty dang cute.



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