the spectacular S!

as I mentioned in my last post, I’m behind. I do apologize, and I’m working on getting caught up. I even carved out more time to do so. without further ado, onto S!

she has been doing killer at school. she is in love with her teacher, and seems to have paired up with a fellow newbie. she goes back and forth as to whether they’re “real” friends; apparently the social worlds of four-year-olds are full of pitfalls that I was extremely unaware of. like, the boys are the guardians of the blue slide, and won’t let girls on there, so she can’t use it. and then, alternatively, she said the girls guarded the blue slide the next day, but because they aren’t her friends, they didn’t let her.

oh. okay. sheesh.

she’s loving it, though, social bumps notwithstanding. she gets to play outside at least twice a day; they work on letters and numbers; they get to color, glue, paint, and cut; they have guinea pigs, named Ryan and Sparkle, who they get to pet at different times throughout the day. all in all, she loves it.

she also had her first, true blue dental appointment a couple of weeks ago. it was at a pediatric dentist, so definitely kid-friendly. she had her teeth cleaned, counted, brushed & flossed. she got her own NEW Dora toothbrush, with bubble gum toothpaste. she also got x-rays taken, so she was excited/intrigued to see what that was all about. imagine her with bite-wings in her mouth, trying to ask a million questions to the hygienist. yeah, adorable.

the “not-s0-adorable” part: she had a cavity.

dang it.

not only does she have a cavity, she has it on a molar that she’ll have for a number of years, so we have to get it filled. [and by the way, it was HUGE! it’s not that we should have seen it, given how far back in her mouth it is, but it is more than apparent that she has a hole in her tooth once they showed it to me]. this is a bit of a digression here from S to myself, but … when checking out, we were informed that no, our dental plan does not cover cleanings and basic preventative care. it does it we’re willing to pay $60 more a month [which I’m not]; we’re on a fee schedule, insurance only covers so much, blah blah blah … you owe $100. and, you’ll owe way more than that when you come back for her cavity appointment.

the poor clerk who had to tell me this. just imagine … S is in the lobby, running/playing around, more than ready to go; I’m holding G, who just threw up all over my arm; and me, well, there’s my face. it’s on the floor.

I could not believe that I had to walk in and drop actual money. when I have insurance. and apparently, the fun only begins there in terms of South Carolina insurance. but, well, that’s a story for another time.

she’s excited. it happens early tomorrow morning, so she’ll have a fun story to tell at school throughout the day.

all in all, she’s loving living here. we’ve been to the pool a handful of times, as well as the beach. she has NO fear of water. she thinks she knows how to swim [where she got that idea, I’m not entirely sure], so she just jumps right on in. it’s slightly scary, in a “I’m so proud of her” way. fearless, this one. we’ve been to the county park a few times as well; it’s incredible. miles of walking trails, a brand-new playground, spray park, and camping. we haven’t taken advantage of the camping, as we have no gear. I can imagine in the future, though, it’ll be on the docket. regardless …


walking trails in the County Park – R & S made laps around G & I, but what do you expect? they can run WAY faster than we can.

some art has continued to be produced. she still LOVES to draw. she wants to draw on her homework, so her teacher suggested she color on the back of it. her favorite center at school is art. when she comes home, she pulls out her markers. clearly, art is her first love. we’re definitely on the lookout for some local classes to encourage her.

some recent drawings of the local artist – after I took this photo, she colored it brown. for what reasons, I don’t know.

this just looks like some crazy impressionist-something. watch her be the next Jackson Pollock. I will never understand it, but I’ll totally support her.

we’ve been downtown a couple of times, too. more specifically, we’ve been to the college to walk around and see what R gets to enjoy on a regular basis. this shot is from the main courtyard area, where the original college began, with its 12 or so students and small faculty. it’s beautiful, and where they hold graduation. and why wouldn’t they?

she was bummed this wasn’t a playground [can’t a kid just appreciate history, for goodness sakes!?!] regardless, she found things to do. mainly, chasing squirrels. I would imagine this shot is surrounding that on some level.

and finally … a lot of you have already seen this shot, but it’s certainly an important one. first day of [pre]school. she was more than proud to be headed out of the house that morning!


so proud. and excited. she certainly loves that school!

she’s a wonderful big sister, loving on her li’l brother. she gets him giggling like no other, and loves to talk with him in the car on all our errands and travels. in all, she’s just a fun kid. we’re already prepping Christmas lists & Santa letters, just FYI. I’ll be sure to grab photos of those before they get sent off to the big guy!

I’ll be sure to post about her dental visit – oh, the grand tales she will have after tomorrow morning!


One thought on “the spectacular S!

  1. Love that s is so enjoying herself!! You can tell her that Brandon and I are looking forward to a tour of all her favorite places when we come visit:)

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