hodge-podge smorgasbord!

I was flipping through my photo stream, realizing I had a number of different topics to write out. so, that’s my plan for the day – I’ll do my best to keep it somewhat together.
I had made mention of this on facebook a while ago, but R & I bought a chair recently at this cute, nicely stocked thrift store in West Ashley. I only bring this topic up because I’m so proud. we bought it, saying “yeah, and we’ll totally refinish it and it’ll look great with the desk!” uh-huh. we certainly don’t have the best track record of staying faithful with DIY projects. neither of us have a handiness gene, and I’m typically frustrated by how long these projects can take, and that doing it right can take so long. yes, I am a baby.

so, I decided to grow up, stay faithful to my word that I’d finish this chair, and do it the right way. and here are the results …

it’s a bit gross, aesthetically, but it had nice structure – so begins the project!

a bit worn and ugly, but fortunately, the sanding didn’t take long because of how little finish was left on it

and off we go! R & I actually managed to match the finish to the desk – given the lack of eye I have for color, I was impressed

first coat! the seat has a ton of damage, but I won’t lie, I kinda think it looks cool

and done! given how humid it is down here, it took FOREVER to dry. and by forever, I mean an extra 12 hours. regardless, it’s all shiny and new, and resting comfortably in our bedroom/office to the happiness of all!

onto somewhat sad news. my Kindle broke. I was disappointed, as anyone would be. I was really disappointed, though, because I had gotten really used to having it. a friend gave [ahem, “gave” is a loose term] me tons of e-book files, so I had plenty of options to run through, and given that my bag is normally weighed down by all the kid stuff I truck around, it was nice to have the lighter option of an e-reader. I also follow a lot of blogs, and a lot of those authors have shifted to e-book publications for some of their content. so, those are out of the running for the moment. is it the end of the world? for sure, no. I didn’t lose any of the files, so when I get a new one, it’ll be fine. just a minor hiccup in the world of technology.

some of you have seen this on facebook – definitely broken. and not fixable, especially since I have since thrown it away. oh well – it had a great run

R was beyond sweet, and gave me a lovely night off a couple of weeks ago. I feel like every mom is nodding their head when they read this, but getting out of the house is so, so needed. at least, every now again. especially now, when I don’t have quite the friendship network I did back in Kansas City, when I could just call someone up and head over. so, he gave me carte blanche, took charge of the kiddos, and I roamed around James Island for a little bit. I went to a coffee house, and felt the freedom to quiet down for a little bit – just to write, get my head calmed down to really think about where I was [emotionally, spiritually], and felt the freedom to read in a quiet spot. I feel like I’ve lost that art, just reading in quiet. I’m always trying to squeeze in a few pages here, another few pages there, in the midst of the kids talking/screaming/crying/babbling that to do so in silence took a little bit of work! the quiet spot was helpful, though, because how can your thoughts not be serene when you’re here:

Charleston Harbor – this is the exit towards the Atlantic. what there are not photos of, are the homes behind me. money, money, money. also, there’s a yacht club right next to the public park. apparently, the park officials are always building things [piers, decor, etc.] that the yacht club can see, even with their fencing, and they get upset. hehehe. regardless, the location is beautiful, and for those of you who come to visit, this is a guaranteed spot to view!

the peninsula – certainly a beautiful site, as well, especially as the sun sets

as most everyone knows, living away from home is hard. so, it’s AWESOME when care packages arrive. the mamas have been taking care of us on that front, and we are loving it! B, R’s mom, recently sent an incredible Halloween package to S – that kid was beyond excited! candy, coloring books, Halloween cups. oh, and candy. did I mention the candy? S was a fan of that, for sure. my mama sent a lovely box, full of Spanish Gardens, Smokehouse BBQ sauce, and Cascones pasta sauce. yeah, we ate well! breakfast burritos, barbecued chicken, and spaghetti were high on our list of dinners shortly thereafter!

so much win happening here! S got a blanket and some toys she had left behind in KY, as well as some Smarties [grandma knows what’s up!]; I got a copy of the local paper, G got new toys, and the sauces! oh, the sauces! apparently, there is barbecue in South Carolina. I don’t know if I buy that. in the meantime, I’ll enjoy my fantastic Smokehouse BBQ sauce, thank you very much.

speaking of the differences between South Carolina and Missouri … it’s hot. it’s mid-October, and most days, I’m still running my air conditioning. that makes me sad for so many reasons, namely for the lack of sweaters and my pocketbook cries when I get our energy bill. there are still tentative plans to head to the beach. because, you know, the highs are still in the 80’s, and the water wouldn’t be too cold just yet.


now, to be fair, it’s really nice in the mornings and evenings, anywhere from 50-65. we have our porch open, and I will say, I like that there aren’t quite so many layers when the kids are involved. I carry G more often than not [rather than putting him in his car seat, for which he is already too heavy for!], so it’s nice that there’s not that bulk.

see, I can see the positive side. a little. [R tells me to get over it, which is a fair point. I think sometimes I see this move as temporary, like it’s just a stopping point to coming back to Kansas City, of which neither point is true. so, I need to get used to the new normal]

we did get this posting from our apartment, which had the both of us cracking up.

what!?! ridiculous, is what I say. you are not going to freeze to death in that kind of weather. get an extra blanket. wear a jacket. I’m not saying, don’t get it fixed. I am saying, an emergency? this is an emergency? oh boy.

another sign this move is pretty darn permanent. I can vote! we both just got our registration cards in the mail this last week, so now, our votes totally count. because South Carolina will totally go blue, right? right.

if you know me at all, you know I love me a good book. like, if I have a new release in my hand, all I need is a cup of coffee. and no, I will not be answering questions, responding to prompts of conversations, or interacting with other humans during that period of time. only because I now have children will I pause. only because they need food. even then, I might try to get R to handle all of that for me.

one such instance is below – my beloved Thursday Next came back this year. awesome!

yea! I was thoroughly impressed with it, and definitely read it in a day. and now, I have to wait two years for the sequel. maybe I just reread the series in the meantime? or, knock out the many, many other titles I own but have not read yet. you know, whatever.

I also just finished Salman Rushdie’s memoir, “Joseph Anton”. absolutely amazing, and would highly recommend it. it has everything. a man living underground because religious conservatives in Iran issue a fatwa on his life. and he endures. for over 12 years. I’m set to meet with the book club I found. this month is “The Elephant Whisperer”. so, the title is stupid. and everyone I’ve talked with about it has agreed. but, once you get the heart of it, which is an English conservationist living in South Africa helping to rehabilitate a herd of elephants who had been abused and mistreated all on the back drop of South African politics and tribal living, it is amazing. I really didn’t think I’d like, and I ended up reading it in no time. we just decided on next months book, and I’m excited to get into that, as well.

other sad news: my TOMS are almost done. I’ve had them for a year and a half now, and have probably worn them everyday since I ordered them. now, they look like this:

the toe is gone! the left one is just bad, with the pinkie toe peeking out. man, I guess I’ll just have to buy another pair. darn it.

and now, to end on a high note – the kiddos! they are a resilient couple of adorable sweeties. as mentioned before, S is lovin’ school. G is on a pretty predictable scheduleĀ that sometimes includes sleeping through the night [YEA!]. S definitely knows she misses Kansas City, and is excited about our trip home. we’re already had many a conversation about how we need to inform Santa that he has to bring her presents to Kansas City, and not to Charleston. smart girl.

park time! know she’s having a ball – she just runs laps throughout the playground area, playing on the “big kid” playground


li’l G, having his own good time – definitely in the mouth/oral phase. blankets, toys, spoon, plastic toys that are too sharp and pointy – they all make it into his mouth. gross.

this kid, good lord. I know I posted it on facebook already, but it’s worthy of sharing with a large audience. the ONLY reason he cries is if he’s hungry. and then, it’s this. adorable!


S, enjoying her own care package. to say she enjoyed all this would be an understatement – love those grandmas!

and that’s a wrap. I’ll try to do better about weekly posts. in the meantime, hope you enjoyed catching up with us – talk with all of you soon!



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