is it already time?

for the holidays, I mean. I feel like I’m echoing so many others, but where did this year go? it seems just like yesterday that R & I were consistently anxious about our placement in the world, wondering where he would get a job, where we would live, where we’d be raising our kids. shoot, a year ago, we didn’t even have KIDS. we had A kid.

and now, here we are. moved, settled, and in the full swing of life that Charleston has to offer. we are so blessed!

we celebrated Halloween last week. the weather was beautiful and S had a blast all day. she dressed up to be Jubilee, a beloved character from X-Men. her school had a party/carnival, where they got to play games in all of the rooms and get prizes. not a ton of candy was passed out, which I was appreciative of. she got more than enough later that night, which I suppose was the reasoning behind that decision at school. she came home loaded down with trinkets and toys, and was beyond jazzed that we just skipped rest time and watched Dora the Explorer Halloween specials. [insert eye roll – I read a book, instead. there’s only so much Dora one mom can take]. we trick-or-treated with some of R’s colleagues and their kids. their neighborhood is super kid friendly, as it’s overrun with elementary age kids, so it was the perfect place to run around. she showed off her pink pumpkin, and gladly gobbled up the goodies.

we almost had a crisis on our hands with this choice, though.  Jubilee is famous for having a yellow trench coat. let’s just think of how many yellow trench coats are made for 4-year-olds? yeah, not many. we had EVERYTHING else for it, down to gloves and boots. I looked everywhere; online, Target, the mall, the dreaded Wal-Mart. we were approaching “now-or-never” territory, when Monday rolled around and I still didn’t have a thing. then, light bulb goes off!

I have a yellow jacket! and it fit perfect!

she was beyond happy, with her hairsprayed-on black hair and glove cut-offs, which at the end of the day, is all that matters about Halloween.

speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is almost upon us. that I can’t hardly believe, but there it is on my calendar, two or so weeks away. yikes! while I’m excited it for it, it’s also the first time I’ve ever made the whole meal. ever. though, that’s probably not too unusual for a twenty-something. back in KC, my mom made dinner for my siblings and our significant others. and then R’s family – well, let’s just say there’s a master list and there are certain expectations to be completed by ALL members of the family as we begin to exceed 40 members +. so, I’ve made macaroni and cheese, maybe one or two others things, and bought drinks. then, I feasted on everyone elses hardwork.

not this year.

this year, I’ll be towing the cooking line. I’ve already begun that process, which really isn’t too far in advance. we might have one or two people joining us for the festivities, so not all the details are in place just yet. but, I do know I have a few days in the kitchen ahead of me. I’m actually kind of excited, to see my mad culinary skills put to use. or, at least, to see all the baking ware I own being used to their full potential.

Christmas is fast approaching [and yes, I do have to think about it now. R’s family celebrates on Thanksgiving, so I’ll be standing in line at the post office the Saturday before with legit Christmas presents needing to be shipped off]. I’ve got a handful of ideas running through my head, in terms of decorating and gift buying. mostly, I’m just excited. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. it just encapsulates so much of what I love: family, friends, snow, the church, hot drinks [i.e. coffee], gifts & shopping. I could go on for a while. I’m doubly excited because we’re going home for the holidays, to see everyone we’ve left behind in this cross country move. yea!

I’m also excited for S. she really started to get into for the first time last year, and now it’ll just be fun from here on out. we’ve already started a christmas list we have to send off to Santa; we also have to remind him of our location because we will be at our OLD city, not our NEW city. there’s a festival of lights at the local park, which apparently is legit and really cool, so we’ll kick off the season right. a viewing of “Elf”, a little tree decoration, some Santa writing, and going home for the holidays. there’s really not much more I could ask for.

we did just recently get a Kansas City fix, though, which was awesome. R’s mom, B, came into town for a few days. it was AWESOME. S was on cloud nine, having her granny in town to play with her and to make mints with her. R was happy because she made her famous spaghetti and meatballs. I was excited because she was all over the kids, and helped and played with them to her hearts content. in addition, we got some local sauces [Gates, anyone?] – we’ll definitely be making up some favorites now that we have the appropriate ingredients. we went to the beach [yeah, I said it – the beach. and no, we didn’t swim. we’re not that crazy], she got to see S’s school, we checked out the local cuisine, and actually met some family we have out here. B’s first cousin and her daughters live here in Charleston. who would have thought? between not knowing them ourselves and being busy, we hadn’t met before now. we’re glad we have meet them, though! they were incredibly fun, a wealth of information about the city, and her daughter was awesome! R, myself, and her all hit it off really well. we share a love of music, the city life, and most any other topic that came up that night. it was wonderful.

we were also grateful she was in town for an additional reason. it was Election Day! she offered to stay home with G, after I ran S to school. we had it all laid out; run to our polling station real quick, show our voter registration card with a utility bill. in, out, no problem.

but, I apparently was doing my best to squander all sorts of good intentions. the voter registration card that I had for all of two weeks? definitely lost it. so, then I needed to get a south carolina ID because my MO had an old address [duh]. R & I decided to just knock it out together, and get our IDs at the same time. we show up; apparently, you’re lease agreement doesn’t count as proof of residency [someone please explain that one to me – it still doesn’t make sense]. so, we had to go back home, get more utility bills and bank statements and whatever else they requested, and then get back in line. this time, we made it through the gate-keeper, our info was processed, we got our photos taken, and then rushed to our polling station, hoping to have it all done before we had to get S from school. we did that all the right way, waited in line for about 45 minutes, and then … voted! it actually wasn’t too bad. they had an orderly system, and electronic voting that didn’t glitch. all in all, it was a satisfying civic day.

we stayed up to watch the results roll in, and nerdily kept up with different political blogs and twitter feeds we follow. between the margarita’s and Fresca & vodkas [yes, they’re delicious – add some line, and voila. awesome], we kept ourselves pretty happy.

just a side note. south carolina doesn’t allow for alcohol to be sold on election day, along with kentucky. so weird. no bar can pour and serve, no liquor store can be open. what a crazy holdover from prohibition. we, though, were prepared and definitely bought ahead. still, one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard of. I thought about for a minute running through, shouting “This isn’t 1923! This isn’t Boardwalk Empire! This is against my Constitutional rights!” but, then I realized that alone might get me arrested, so I let it lie.

I digress. we’re doing well. I’ll have more to write on, especially as G has doctors appointments and S has a school program [eek!] good times here in Charleston. now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re headed to the park. peace out!



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