Thanksgiving time!

and how quickly the days fly by. it’s already been over a week since I posted, but it feels like a lot less! R was out of town, so that just added to the craziness of it.

he headed to FL for a conference this passed week. he was gone for a total of four days. it’s really not that many. it just feels like a lot when you’re all by yourself with two kiddos. the time went whoosh – right out the door – and left the both of us exhausted! he was beyond tired from two days on the road, and incredibly late nights with work prep and reuniting with friends from KU. I was run ragged, and did what I could to keep up with the kids.

all of this is to say: how do single parents do it? or military families? or anyone without two parents there for some reason or another? they all deserve medals. and candy. definitely candy. and ice cream? yeap.

so, he’s back! unfortunately for him, there are no days off. he was right back at it on Sunday, with class prep and everything else that needed attended to before the work week picked back up. it’s definitely a crazy time, between the two holidays and and finals happening quick. before we know it, it’ll be Christmas and traveling home.

yea! so excited for that day to roll around.

but, for now, I have to display patience. we’re hosting a handful of people for Thanksgiving, so that’s taking precedence over everything else. once I wrap this post, I’m headed to the post office for final Christmas-with-the-Asby’s business, then headed to the kitchen for some baking.

tomorrow is essentially the same. with S off at school, I will be baking a [MY first ever] cheesecake! I’m slightly intimidated, but I think I’ll be able to manage. I’m also making sweet potato casserole, also for the first time, as well as cranberry relish. as no grocery stores are opened the day of, let’s just hope this all goes well! I don’t have to roast the turkey, which is a bit of a load off my mind. I was totally willing to do it, but our friend had one and is joining us for dinner, so he took the lead on that. but, the flower are bought, the food is purchased, and I’m looking forward to making up a delicious days worth of food!

S is doing well. per the usual, she loves school. they’re continuing to work in their letter books, which she brings home weekly. she knows how to spell her name, and is “reading” to herself [meaning, she props a book open, and then makes up a story as she scans the pages – yes, it’s adorable]. her school had a singing Thanksgiving program for her class. they sang ridiculously cute songs, had sweet actions, and then gave everyone cake.

in general, it was awesome.

in the world of babies, we have an enormous one! he’s adorable, in all his chubbiness. maybe it’s just a boy/girl difference? S was never, ever this chubby. but, our pediatrician said he figures he’ll grow into himself eventually, given that his three boys were all chunks until about 18 months. this is all I know: in two months, the boy gained 3 pounds, grew 2-plus inches, and his head shape stayed stagnate [so, yeah, it was and is still huge]. he’s quite the charmer. he certainly loves interactions with anyone; old women at Target, the nurse who is about to give him a shot, the cashier who eagerly holds him at the Publix [true story]. and his momma. maybe more than anyone else, which I’m really okay with.

we made it to church! we had every intention to do so last week, but G kept me up for three-plus hours, so I thought God might forgive me. I made it happen, though, this past weekend. in the rain. and in spite of the parking ticket I received, it was worth it. they have a great kids program, and the both of them were loving it. there’s just an element of it not being the Boiler Room, you know? no one here is overly into worship, there’s no prayer room, the message was okay. not anything like the leadership back home. but, I’ve decided to give it a month or so before I make an official decision on it. they do have home groups [I think they’re called life groups], so we’ll check into those, and see if person-to-person interaction is a little more satisfying. I’m not willing to give up quite yet.

so, I’ll leave you with some cute shots of G. yeap, he’s that adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

doesn’t he just look so old!? it is crazy that six months has already passed … definitely bittersweet

a shot from the beach … yeap, the beach. in November. and yes, it was chilly. only S tried to get in the water, and she quickly recanted her position.



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