happy christmas!

we’re eagerly awaiting Santa in the Midwest! and enjoying the snow that surprisingly came the night we flew in! as our cousin noted, it was definitely the universe saying “Welcome home!”

out east, we prepped our letters for Santa. S is so very, very excited to inform Santa as to her wishlist. a-dor-able.



And now, the eagerly awaited drop off!IMG_1611




and … face plant. but she was excited! IMG_1659

we were somewhat prepared for the winter. we did know snow was a possibility. does she have gloves? no. does she have boots? no.

regardless, we made it work and she had a blast!


R was not prepared either. he stuffed his jeans into his dress socks into his shoes. it was hilarious. [I say, as I stayed inside with the baby, drinking coffee. I was nice and warm]


and they had a blast! she ran around for as long as her legs could stand it, and then she ran inside with a freezing cold face and legs. it was an incredible welcome back to Kansas City. as Christmas is tomorrow, we’re in heaven. we’ve seen my family, R’s family, friends, and then we’ll repeat. it’ll be an awesome week!

I hope all of you have a wonderful time with your own families, should you celebrate this holiday!


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