home is what you make of it

I sit in my dear friends’ home, enjoying [another] cup of coffee and staring in amazement at the winter wonderland around me. I don’t want to be too hyper-spiritual about the weather, but I certainly feel like the snow is a special present for me. how I love it! being home in December is such an amazing blessing.

it is New Year’s Eve, as well. I don’t want to be too sentimental about one date out the year. resolutions seem silly to me. [unless you have a plan, and then well, they’re more like goals. which I do like.] it has been quite a year though, and reflection concerning it seems appropriate it.

at the start of January, I lived with my mother-in-law & brother-in-law. in a basement. with a then three-year-old and another kiddo clearly on the way. R had no clear cut idea what he’d be doing come August. he was in the midst of his dissertation, trying to navigate a before unknown world of employment. I was just trying to get through a day without a nap.

no, I was no always successful.

I was trying to sub part-time, which didn’t always happen. R needed plenty of work days, which meant I stayed home because there was no one else to watch S through the day. alternatively, I watched my nephew as well, and we did what we could to get by.

then, March came around and brought a gift in R landing a job. a tenure-track, full-time, benefits, by the ocean job. a dream! we each breathed a sigh of relief; bills would be paid, food could be purchased, and the thought that we’d be living off relatives for an extended period of time had settled into dust. as we announced the job placement, families & friends equally rejoiced with us and were saddened to discover the distance. 1100 miles is a long, far away place.

we had a baby – a healthy, lively, adorable son who insisted he was hungrier than any kid I’ve seen before. already, he’s over seven months old, sleeping through the night, attempting to crawl all around our apartment, and eating like a champ.

and then we moved. moved so, so far away. I’ve written all about it, and you can see how I’ve handled that emotionally. I would argue, considering I’ve never lived away from home, I did okay. we all did okay. there are still some sad days.

I miss my sister. a lot.

but, through it all, I think we’ve made it all right. R is nice and settled in; he made a few friends, and we have not been without fellowship and interaction. S is still in love with school, and clearly Charleston will be her hometown. the same holds for G, as he was a solid 10 weeks old when we moved him cross-country.

we found we still like each other, as a family. that’s a nice bonus, given how much we had to rely on one another through it all. we love our new city – so much so, R has sworn off all KC sports teams. [yes, he is a hypocrite and apparently doesn’t like football all that much.] he now is a Carolina Panthers fan; though, I can’t say too much. I follow the Saints now, so the Chiefs may not get too much play in the near future. we love the beach, and the parks, and the historic downtown, and all that comes with living in a city that was originally a colony before the United States officially formed.

so, you take the bad with the good. we knew for six-plus years we wouldn’t live at home, and I think that time period allowed for us to adjust in a decent amount of time. I look forward to this new year, as an official South Carolina resident, and experiencing all that the city offers.

2013 will be a grand year. first birthdays, new nieces [& possibly nephews], the start of kindergarten. the ability to grow in wisdom and love, to find life enjoying and fulfilling in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible before. I eagerly look forward to it.


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