I’m free! well, for the moment anyway. thank the Lord for my beautiful husband who recognized the crazy look that was developing in my eye the last week or so. it was the look of a crazed, desperate woman who needed an escape, and quick.

he identified it, came in like Superman, told me that under no circumstances should I stay inside any longer, and made me leave the house.


so, at this very moment, I’m in a cute, quirky coffee shop with a delicious mocha. I’ve got Andrew Bird in my ear bud, with the chance to catch my breath.

I’ve been sad since I got home. I loved, loved, loved being in KC for Christmas. we were surrounded by love like I hadn’t felt in a while. dear family, wonderful friends, and tons of laughs, memories, and celebrations for two weeks – it was water for a very thirsty soul. once we were back in Charleston, the withdraw symptoms were intense. everyone had daily living to rush back to, but it was not easy for me. I was a tired, sad mess.

we have wonderful friends here in Charleston, and we quickly met back up with them. that was nice, a little salve on an opened wound. and we all agreed – going back home is tough. you love it, but then the crash back is awful. unfortunately, this is coming from families who have lived here for five years or more. apparently, it doesn’t get easier as time goes on.

we decided to make church a priority this month, and really intentionally look for a church we could call home. we went to a local Episcopal church, not five minutes away from our apartment.

it. was. awesome.

I feel like some might read that, and wonder how “Episcopal” and “awesome” go together, but they did. it was like a light was lit in my soul; I felt at home. I haven’t felt at home in a church for a while – it was nice to feel that again. we really liked the mix of traditional practices, and contemporary worship and honest reflection on our walks with the Father. we met some wonderful people who run the nursery, and I immediately had an invite to the ladies Bible study. we get to take traditional communion, and make the sign of the cross. they have a lovely reverend, who seems like a nice Southern grandpa, with the love of the Father all over him.

we won’t make any official decisions quite yet, but we were both fans.

all of that was to say, the Father provides. He provided for me emotionally that morning, when I was still sad and hurting and feeling lonely. I’m still up and down, especially the kids are being particularly difficult. but, He’s given me an amazing husband who has made this transition as smooth as possible, and both have been faithful up til now. I can’t imagine either failing me anytime soon.