it’s been a sleepy week …

“the truth is that parents are not really interested in justice. they just want quiet.”

– bill cosby

ha! or smiles in pictures. but you get what you get, eh?  [credit: Tabitha Todd]

hello, lovely folks! happy Friday – happy weekend – happy whatever you need it to be to finish off this week on a high note. for me, I know it includes a night of baseball in my pajamas, and my li’l babe sleeping through the night. I really, really, really thought we’d be past this whole ‘I get up at 3:30 am and cry the whole time and never want to go back to bed’ issue.

apparently not.

it’s not his fault [those damn teeth – this time around, it’s three big fat ones, and they are taking forever to come in], and it comes with the field of parenting [especially the ‘stay-at-home’ kind]. we’ve just been having lazy days in response, full of coffee and pajamas and way too much television, and then trying to adjust with naps throughout the day so he’ll go back to bed at a normal time.

we’ve also been winding down summer, which seems like that ethos would be in opposition to the statement above about lazy days. I’d intentionally this week set out to get them up/put them down at the same time throughout the week. we were successful on Monday. it’s now Friday, and 9:30 is our “normal” in getting up.

oh boy. school will hit us like a ton of bricks. we’ve all got to be out the door at 7 am for the kiddo’s school, and that is so early.

I’ve joked around about coffee IVs. I’m no longer joking – hasn’t someone invented that yet? it could be like a permanent PIC line, and I could just hook it up in the morning when I can’t think straight to run my coffee maker. [I feel like I’ve crossed a new line of weird, but … isn’t that how innovation occurs? Steve Jobs, and all that?]

speaking of school … I have a kiddo who is old enough for KINDERGARTEN [insert sighs, heart palpitations, and increased anxiety]. I’ve realizing I’m echoing eons of parents: I can’t believe I have kids that old? I can’t believe I’m that old? What is this new reality?

yeap. she's five. and so wonderful and spectacular. kindergarten will suit her well, I believe. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

yeap. she’s five. and so wonderful and spectacular.   [credit: Tabitha Todd]

I know she and I will love it, though. school is where I always feel at home, as does Dr. M [go figure]. her uniforms came in last week, we got our notice about Kindergarten Round-Up, and we’ve figured out the best route for the school run. yea! she’s insistent that she wants to ride the bus. just one more sign of independence in an independent li’l kiddo. I’m resistant, because let’s just admit it – she’s five, and I want to take her. I love the chance to chat with her in the morning, and the recap of the day in the afternoon, a la daycare runs. there might not even be enough spots on the bus for her anyway, so we’ll see. once we go for our meet & greet, we’ll know more. but please know, it’s been a point of contention. as I imagine most of her independence-driven requests will be until she’s legal.

Dr. M is [fully] back to work. our summer was crazy busy, but I think he enjoyed most of it. our trip to KC was lovely, we saw a lot of beloved family & friends, and he had [some] time to work. not near as much as he would have liked, so he’s making up for that now. he’s been in the office most everyday, and will be through the end of the semester. we’re back to the nights of him half watching baseball, but really, he’s reading & proofing & planning hardcore. the academic schedule is a mixed blessing. almost no required time during the summer, but they make you pay for it the other ten months.

li’l G is mostly doing well, minus the horrific teething process at the moment. he is into everything, specifically the things he should not be in. [yes, yes, tis to be expected with a precocious 15 month old. but, still …] he has learned that he is a proficient climber. if you should be around him, do not leave a chair out. ever. in the five seconds it took for you to stand up, he will confiscate it, climb up like an agile monkey, and proceed to stand, hoot, holler, and dance on his newly acquired, unstable surface.

enjoy this shot for all its worth. he looks beautiful, and he will never, ever be that still again. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

enjoy this shot for all its worth. he looks beautiful, and he will never, ever be that still again. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

I might need to request blood pressure medication, the way he makes mine shoot up. or just a glance at the above photo. it’s a nice, calm one, eh?

the other things he likes to do [that he is not allowed to do, but still seems to make happen] include: playing in the toilet – throwing things in the toilet, and then playing with them in the toilet – climbing into the clothes dryer – climbing on top of our desk – climbing on top of our dining table – climbing on top of our entertainment center – pushing through the doors and running outside – climbing out of the bath tub, and wandering around buck naked – climbing into the kitchen cabinets, and playing with the dishwasher soap – pulling the oven open with the dish rags that are hanging from the handle

I’m sure there’s more he’s done. I’m even more sure there’s more he WILL do. it’s just a matter of time.

the kid is just a bulldozer of good times. once he’s a bit older, all of this hopefully won’t still be happening and I’ll have maybe a little more peace of mind. that, or it will all escalate and I will never be at peace. ever.

I am trying to sneak in some calm into my life, little bits by little bits. I’ve made a real attempt at exercise in this past week, to moderate success. I made it through an hour of yoga [which was AWESOME for my back – it’s been sore and tight and stiff for three weeks, to the point of tears], and a new friend of mine and I walked our local park for an hour or more. li’l babe’s teeth cut into a second meeting we were shooting for, but I can foresee her and I taking advantage of the James Island County Park walking trails a lot. I had book club this week, too, which was fun as always. I’m probably the youngest person there, but I’m really over that. my draw to the meetings are the titles they pick, and the two women who organize and lead. it always goes off on crazy tangents, and I like it – it’s nice walking away from our discussions, going “huh – I never would have pulled that from that book”.

I like it. I also like that I’m at a place where I’m more comfortable in my new city. that I have a book club to go to, where faces are more familiar. that we have friends that we’re trading dinner nights with, walking parks with, and enjoying the sauna that is Charleston. I’m certainly feeling more comfortable in our new digs!

love y’all – enjoy your fabulous weekends!


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