rain, Kiawah, & car trouble

“I see that children fill the existential hollowness many people feel; that when we have children, we know they will need us, and maybe love us, but we don’t have a clue how hard it is going to be.”

– Anne Lamott

don’t they just kick your ass? kids, I mean. whew. they have no idea. S was a bit of a chore this week. I don’t even remember how or why, but she got herself wicked grounded [for who even knows what now], and lost television for four days. four days?!?!?! Dr. M handed down that punishment – it was rightly deserved, but definitely cut into me, especially as the days got rainier and rainier, and she got whinier and whinier about having lost it. we stayed strong, though, and she went without for four days. and I survived.

the babe is back to sleeping through the night – yea! [cue dance party!] he’s still struggling to go back to sleep on his own. boo! [cue sad face] some nights, it’s been a couple hours worth of hearing him scream/talk/rage while I keep an eye on the clock, and go back to bounce/cuddle/shush/love on him. while the crying and having to go back every 20 min is tiresome, the snuggles are not. he’s hugging back now, and initiating the snuggling. you can’t hate that.

to brag on them for a moment, though. my dang car technically broke down on Monday. I say technically, because it wouldn’t start when I wanted it to and I had to stay put until someone came to help me. I knew exactly what was wrong with it, though. that is to say, I’m an idiot. I went to clean out the car [I’m starting to drive the Civic now, as Dr. M is taking the bus]. it was disgusting. I’m pretty sure Dr. M never once washed or vacuumed it out while he was in charge of it [and he immediately owned up to it, once asked – silly boy]. point being, it took a long, long time to get it cleaned out. the whole time, I ran just the battery for our local news and music options. by the time I was done, the battery was toast. of course, I have no phone. of course, it’s wicked hot and the kids are sweating in their car seats. of course, when I ask for help at the gas station, no one has jumper cables or the ability to help. I started to panic, a little. I hadn’t broke down while in our new town, and I normally call my dad to come rescue me. unfortunately, that was not an option this time around.

the pros of this whole situation … I broke down at a freakin’ gas station. we had a bathroom, we had the ability to buy snacks & water, we had the option of borrowing their phone. it was heaven compared to some other places I’ve broken down at. I called my insurance, who gave me the Emergency Roadside number. I called them next, gave them my policy number, and a tow truck driver was there within five minutes. I didn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for anything, and I was on my way. the kids were AWESOME. no crying, no whining, they were champs with the heat, and they were cool with the disappointing news that we weren’t going to the park because I had melted and was hungry. all in all, it wasn’t awful. yea for happy kids!

we made up for all the trouble by going to the beach on Tuesday. we decided we’d go to Kiawah Island again, and hang out for a couple of hours. we went there with some friends a few weeks ago, and thought it was worth another look. it’s so nice. the water is calmer, so we can actually swim with the kids and not be in constant fear of their impending drowning. the beach itself is nice and clean, and it’s not a big one. not near as many people can fit on it, so it’s just quieter and nice for kids. they also have changing rooms, so we can wash the kids off and change them before our 30 min drive back home. it’s a little off the beaten path, but it’s worth it.

I love going to Folly for different reasons, some of them including that I can walk it. my friend and I went walking on Sunday, and quickly realized we’d done something like six miles or some craziness like that. we walked from the pier towards Morris Island – and we almost got there! we finally had to stop, see how far we’d gone, and realize we’d quickly lose the light if we didn’t head back. it was awesome.

I wish I could say we walked more this week, but alas, that would be a lie. Dr. M had different meetings and happy hours to attend; the kids weren’t the greatest to leave Dr. M with every night; the kicker was the almost-constant monsoon we’ve been encountering. since Monday, we’ve received incredible amounts of rain, causing my phone to vibrate constantly with Flash Food Watches and Warnings. downtown floods so easily, I had to keep an eye out for Dr. M to see if I needed to grab him early! it’s been nuts. I love the rain, though, so there are no complaints. it has also dropped the temperatures down about 20 degrees, for a couple days anyway,, so that’s been lovely.

overall, it’s been a good, productive week – we’re mostly ready for school, Dr. M is back in the full swing of work, and the weather has been awesome. you can’t ask for much more than that.


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