Some amazing [and utterly surprising] news!

The last time I checked in on this lovely site, the Mighty Milners, we were flying high. We had the school system down, I was knocking out school projects, dinner was made mostly on time. Things were looking good for the family, with the four [count ’em, FOUR] Milners currently inhabiting Charleston.

And then … it all somewhat dramatically, came crashing down. Cue the famous two blue lines on the famous white pee stick. You could also cue a panic attack, the huge feelings of being overwhelmed, and utter, utter surprise. To be quite honest, it was not one of my finer moments. And I’m okay with that – to reiterate, a third bundle of joy was not on my radar.

For as shocking as all of it was, I told a whole lot of no one. And that includes Ryan, for about three days. I did tell finally tell him, over a dinner of tacos. We view seafood tacos as a balm for our soul. The spicy bam sauce did put us in better spirits, and we were able to grin, in spite of the unexpected news.

We held onto that little nugget of news, though, for over a month. In retrospect, I’m not sure HOW great we were at keeping it a secret, but we made no loud pronouncement to anyone. It was easy to hide from the family, within reason, because they didn’t see my ever expanding belly. As for the folks in town, well, I did what I could with stretchy leggings and sweatshirts. I essentially went into hiding. It was all I could do to get up on time to get Sophia to school, with homework done & a lunch in hand. Most of the time, I just rolled out of bed, wore a ponytail, and called it good.

After our visit with the new midwife I had to find rather quickly, the heartbeat was confirmed, the due date set, and it really became real [though, the morning sickness definitely was proving its own point]. Once I had a sonogram in hand, I felt comfortable telling immediate family. No one believed us, not right away. It took the proof in hand to really make the point to our family that this was not an elaborate October prank where we were teasing everyone.

We’re really having a baby.

In May.

The same month as our other two.

[You do the math.]

And, now, here we are – I’m almost 16 weeks along, with a May 2015 due date and only getting more and more excited for what having 5 Mighty Milners can mean for the world. It’s going to be amazing!