books, boats, church, cops, & the holidays

right off the bat, I’ll just go ahead and apologize. I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks now [when the goal had been weekly]. I definitely let the ball drop, and haven’t got back on top of my planning like I thought would.

therefore, there’s plenty to talk about! I’ll be writing a couple of posts to make up for it, and hopefully make up for it all before we head home for Christmas.

[happy sigh – home for Christmas!]

speaking of the holidays, things have been going swimmingly here. Thanksgiving Dinner was a massive success. we had a couple over, who we had met a handful of times, but not really got to talk with, and our friend, J. unfortunately for all of us, his wife was out of town [working], but she came back the Friday after. which meant, of course, we had to meet up with wine & nerdy card games. it was awesome.

regardless, my cheesecake came out awesome, the turkey J roasted was amazing, and everything else that came to the dinner table was fabulous. we had a great day of getting to know each other, wine & other libations, football, and more nerdy card games. [some of you may have heard of Settlers of Catan – we’re heading into EVEN nerdier card games than that. R is VERY excited about this prospect in his life.]

S had her singing concert, for Thanksgiving, just a couple of days before. I have it on video, and will be posting it soon. anytime li’l kids gather to sing cute songs, I just crack up. it’s so adorable, I can barely stand it. she just had her concert for Christmas, too, and R & I about died. her class of 4 year olds were awesome – the 3 year olds next to them were beyond adorable. those of you parents who have been to your fair share of school concerts, you know what I’m talking about.

so, the Christmas concert came and went, in all its adorable-ness. we’ve been trying to be out about some more, enjoying the things that Charleston has to offer in a civic fashion. we found out through J & A that they hold a “Parade of Boats”. yeap, you read that right. it’s just what you’re thinking of. it’s a bunch of people who own boats decorating them up for the holidays, and taking them on a tour of the Ashley & Cooper rivers, the Battery, and Charleston Harbor, and parading them in front of other people who don’t necessarily have their own boats. so, you know, that’s cool. it lasted all of 20 minutes, but we arrived early at Waterfront Park. we met up with J & A, meet some other folks from the College, and had a good time throwing the football around and having a picnic. it was definitely nice to be out and about.

[total side note: I definitely got pulled over that night – argh. we were headed from downtown to our friends house, and got pulled over at a stop sign. after a mild panic of “what in the heck did I do!?!?” the officer came up, saying that I didn’t, in fact, do anything wrong, but that my license tag light was out. after calming down [kind of], he then proceeds to ask why we have South Carolina licenses but Missouri license tags. (uh-oh. cue mild panic!) we knew that we should have done it a while ago, (and also know the ticket AND fee we could be charged is huge) so we were vague in our answer as to how long we’d been in town. they asked us a couple different times, and our vague answer remained. fortunately, they didn’t pursue it, and we only got a warning. [whew!] but, it did mean we had to buy a license tag light, only to find out the connector has fallen down in the back door. so, that’s one more thing we need to fix and don’t necessarily know how to. oh boy.]

we’ve made it to church a handful more times. S loves their children’s church, G loves the attention he receives in the nursery, and everyone there has been really friendly. every time I’ve spoken with someone, they’ve immediately asked if we’ll join their Life Group [as they call their Collectives or Care Groups or Small Groups or anything else you can call a house church]. I’m not sure if this is the place yet, though, and with traveling, I’m waiting to check those out until the first of the year. regardless, the services on the weekend are good and insightful. we’ll see if this is the place or not.

I made it to book club this last month! last month was cancelled, as I explained before. this month, we met at a nice coffee & wine house, and discussed “The Round House” for a while. the leader is great, with a lot of insight into the novel and great questions stemming from it. the other folks who made up the group were a lot older than me. at first, I was a little nervous, because well, they’re older. or they look like they have professional jobs. or, whatever it was that I could have let bother me that was different about them from me. but, then I got over myself, pulled on my big-girl-pants, and jumped into the conversation like the English Lit major that I am. it was really fun, and I’m sad I’ll be missing the Christmas party this December. but, I’m already signed up for January and can’t wait.

for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you already know: 13 days until travel day! see all of you fabulous people soon!