Cold Weather! Baby News! It’s All So Exciting!

Here’s hoping everyone is staying warm. Our own weather is a bit chilly [we started off the day with 8 degree wind chills, to the chagrin of every Southerner], and I know it’s only worse the further north and west you head. Brr.

Here’s to coffee! And tea! And hot chocolate!

Really, anything warm that you can think of that will feel cozy in your belly. You go for it.

We are more than surviving. The schools called a two-hour-delay. While I rolled my eyes a bit [because I’m all Midwestern-tough AND judgmental], it was nice to be able to sleep in. We made waffles & bacon, and leisurely got ready for school. I won’t complain about an extra two hours sleep. Never, ever.

I had an appointment with the midwife this week …

[Full stop: For those who don’t/didn’t know, we’re meeting with midwives again for our delivery. We did with the previous two when we lived in KCMO, and really loved our experience. The ones we’ve delivered with have full hospital privileges, and therefore deliver there, in this instance at MUSC. We like that they’re a bit more focused on the natural side of pregnancy & labor, but can also keep my thyroid issue in check, do routine lab work, and if there’s an emergency, can call an ob/gyn in to do their thing. Too each her own, though, too each her own.]

… everything looks peachy. If you missed our big announcement last week, we had our big deal, 20 week Anatomy Scan. She looks perfect, down to her Mighty Milner button nose. The tech said she looked as perfect can get, that I looked good, and if you missed the focus of female pronouns, we’re definitely having a girl.

Sophia, Dr. M, and I all thought ‘girl’ from the very beginning. We had zero science to back up our claim, and all three pregnancies have included copious amounts of morning sickness, so there was nothing to distinguish it. Still … we all thought it. And the tech confirmed it. I waited until I got home to find out with them. I totally wanted to cheat & sneak a peek.

But I’m a grown up, and I didn’t. We opened the envelope together, and saw the note “Girl!” Sophia was definitely thrilled, and wants to share a room with her as soon as possible [that may change, once she arrives – who knows what type of personality she’ll have]. Gabe still just jabbers, points at my stomach, and occasionally says “baby, baby, baby”, which is wickedly sweet in its own way.

This means we can officially deviate away from “It” and “Baby” and “Li’l Bean”, as we know a pronoun. And as long as her sex doesn’t change before delivery [and based on the photo, I’m pretty sure it won’t], her name will be Pearl Noelle. Pearl was my grandmother’s real first name, even as she went by Leavern for most of her life. This is a wonderful, bonus baby and Dr. M & I thought it appropriate to recognize & honor our grandparents who won’t have a chance to meet her. And to be quite honest, we just love the name Noelle. We realize it means ‘Christmas’ and she’ll be a May baby, but we’re really okay with all of that.

We’re just excited all around over here, even with the plummeting temperatures. And now, to go walk in those freezing temperatures to get our blood pumping. We’ll see how much Gabe loves the cold, given that he shivers at 45 degrees. He’s from hardy stock, though, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he ended up loving it. Because he is one cray, cray, dude, to be sure.


He better be glad he’s so cute

Sometimes [and it is only sometimes] my kiddos exasperate the hell out of me. I mean, we have a two-year-old. It comes with the territory, so I try not to let my ire rise too far out of control.

Right now, our battles over bedtime have hit a new crazy high. We combined the kiddos together in what was Sophia’s old room back in December. For a week, it was a novelty. Gabe thought it was awesome to share space with the big kid, because he after all is a big kid himself. He napped, he went to bed, they didn’t fight [too much] – Dr. M and I high-fived each other and walked away with a smidge of gloat on our shoulders.

Then, Week Two. Now the entity that is my bonkers son refuses to nap easily, sometimes skipping days and making our evenings hellish. The messes he/they made were ridiculous. The fights over the shared items in the room could be heard from the street.

And the nights – oh goodness, the nights. I’ll give them some leniency regarding their behavior this week, considering we’re adjusting from awesome-times-it-was-amazing-to-stay-up-late-every-night-during-vacation to boring, old school [in the words of Sophia]. Still, we’re leaning into the ridiculous over here. Last night, they pushed bedtime back to 9 o’clock, in the name of extra bathroom runs, request for milk, and [specifically from the toddler] loud spurts of crying for … well, anything. Mama, Dada, milk, water, crackers, more books. You get the picture.

We were at the end of our rope, not to mention it was my own dang bedtime. [Yes, pregnant women who have to get up at 5:30 go to bed at 9. No judging.] Finally, they were officially settled, they slept and I headed off to bed.

I went in this morning to get their day started, and this, sweet friends, is what I see. Oh goodness …


What you may not initially see is Sophia’s head at the top, mostly buried under her pillow. According to her, he snuck over there after she had gone to bed, curled up with the duck quilt, and put himself to bed. Whatever works, friend, what works.

family visits & family love

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

– George Bernard Shaw

It has been busy, busy in the Mighty Milner household. Between Fort Sumter, school performances, stomach bugs, teething & the Holiday of Lights display, these last two weeks have been an utter blur.

Dr. M landed safely & securely from Denver. He had a heck of a time at his latest conference, hanging out with old and new colleagues. He was super tired once he landed [he doesn’t remember most of our conversation on our way home from the airport], and crashed hard once home. He pulled himself together, though, and got back to grindstone the very next day for work.

Sophia had that Monday off due to a teacher work day, so she helped me clean the house. Grandma and PopPop were headed this way! Yea, yea, yea! She was super excited to realize that not only were the grandparents coming in all their glory, but staying for TEN WHOLE DAYS! She was psyched, I was psyched, everyone was psyched. Even Gabe was excited; he didn’t do his whole “I-seemingly-hate-men-with-beards” thing and scream when they walked in the door. So, that was nice.

We had a full ten days in good ole CHS. We celebrated Halloween [Sophia was IronMan – not IronWoman, by the way. Get it right, other parents. Yeesh.] Mom & Dad saw her school, they took us to Savannah for a day-trip [super fun, by the way, and we’ll definitely be headed back again], Dad & Dr. M went to Fort Sumter and came back gushing with all sorts of new facts about the Civil War, and we walked all over town and ate way too many delicious, over-filling meals. They also watched my kids, took Sophia to the movies, did my dishes, and blessed me in so, so many ways.

I texted Dr M this brochure - he was all the more excited to head to Savannah the next time around!

I texted Dr M this brochure – he was all the more excited to head to Savannah the next time around!

We headed to the famed Leopold's Ice Cream shop. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe [this is Honey Almond Cream, in their waffle cone] Oh my!

We headed to the famed Leopold’s Ice Cream shop. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe [this is Honey Almond Cream, in their waffle cone] Oh my!

Grandparents. Are. Awesome.

I got a huge break Friday morning, when my parents shoved me out the door, gave me some cash, and said “Don’t come back until school is over.”

Yeah, you don’t have to tell me twice.

I went to a bookstore. I ordered coffee; I browsed, slowly and thoroughly, and found titles that desperately wanted to read. I went to clothing stores; I browsed, slowly and thoroughly, and found clothes that filled out my wardrobe for both now and the summer. I shopped for Christmas; I browsed, slowly and thoroughly, and found the perfect paper, the perfect ribbon, the perfect gifts.

A book I knew I wanted to buy, and was excited to see on the shelves of the local B&N. I read it in a day, and will definitely reread it as I continue on my faith. It's amazing.

A book I knew I wanted to buy, and was excited to see on the shelves of the local B&N. I read it in a day, and will definitely reread it as I continue on my faith. It’s amazing.

Never once did I say “Sit down”; “Get back in the cart!”; “And just where do you think you’re going?”; “Oh, okay, we’ll find a bathroom ASAP”; “I know you’re tired, just five more minutes”.

It was heaven. Seriously – heaven.

*All moms of small children, you know you’re nodding with me*

They left on Saturday, after a send-off breakfast. Those good-byes are always so sad; so full of thank yous, I love yous, of almost tears [that later morph into real ones]. The kicker this time around is we have no definite date as to when we will see each other again. We’re not going to Kansas City for Christmas, so the next guaranteed time is summer. That’s a long, long way away. Sigh.

Sophia was definitely sad. We swapped stories about how sad we were, and about how when I was a kid, I used to be sad when I had to say good-bye to my Grandma Dee. She’s smoothed out now, and is focused on Atlanta and Thanksgiving and the next round of family she gets to see.

No sooner had my folks left than I got sick. It was/is no good. I thought I had indigestion, because let’s be real – I ate like I haven’t in a long, long time. We had a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and I ate a funnel cake at the Holiday of Lights [awesome, by the way – the lights, I mean]. So, I chalked it up to bad food and tried to get through my day. But I didn’t get better. It’s now Day Six, and I’m mostly better. I tried to do too much on Wednesday, and paid for it yesterday. I slept all day long, which means Gabe had free reign of the iPad, because it meant he would actually sit still for more than five minutes. We snuggled on the loveseat after the school run, and when he went to bed, I went back to bed myself.

apparently I have the stomach of an 80 year old woman. and I didn't even finish it. yeesh.

apparently I have the stomach of an 80 year old woman. and I didn’t even finish it. yeesh.

I’m 90% sure I’m on the mend now; I woke up this morning feeling much better, and wanting to do things that normal humans do. Like, eat real food and drink coffee. Y’all know I’m sick when I can’t handle coffee, and I absolutely could not handle it for the last five days.

But, there’s always something to balance the good, right? Gabe is teething [I’m pretty sure it’s all four of his #4s – oh. my. god. He is a crabby mess]; Dr. M came home yesterday, worn out and sick with a head cold. I’m crossing my fingers that he’s not totally, super, stuck in bed sick. We’ll see. Sophia is fine; she had her own fair share of illness last month, and I’m hoping we all get it out of our systems before the holidays. We’ll leave it on a positive note. How do you see this smile, and not feel happy? Try it, I double-dog dare you.

see? she's peachy-keen and loving herself some Cheetos.

see? she’s peachy-keen and loving herself some Cheetos.

the week where honesty destroyed me, and then fixed me

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself;

it’s thinking of yourself less.”

– C.S. Lewis

hello, and happy Monday people! sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since a posting. with my grandma passing away, and the travel that ensued to be with my family, I feel like I lost a week. I had a cruddy flight path for my return home, lost a ton of sleep in the name of catching up with my siblings, and then had to hit the ground running come Monday morning. no, no it wasn’t pretty.

my last week was a bit of a rough one. travel may have exacerbated it, but a lot of it was brought on by my lazy-bad-selfish-self. I was understandably tired on Monday; I gave me and the kiddos a bit of a break, napped extra long, and thought I’d be back to normal by Tuesday. Tuesday I tried to bake all of our breaded goods for the week. I made honey wheat bread; banana bread; snickerdoodles; and baked oatmeal.

failure. absolute fiasco.

the honey wheat bread was burnt, due to my lack of attention to it in its final stages; I made the banana bread with self-rising flour, omitting the salt [per online instructions] – we threw it away almost as soon as it came out of the oven, it smelled and tasted so bad; the other two were fine – yea. so, I was batting .500 and super upset with myself, for the time, ingredients, and money wasted. throw in a few tantrums by the babe due to his own exhaustion, and a fight with the kiddo because she was emotional and you have a rotten, no good, horrible Tuesday.

did I mention, it was awful? because it was awful. and horrible.

after mediation from Dr. M [who is awesome at this, because it maybe happens all-too-often between me and the kiddo], two things were revealed. Sophia needed to learn that a lot of the things she was saying, whether she realized it or not, were incredibly rude and bossy. [hence me boiling over and yelling in my attempt to make her understand. my way TOTALLY worked]. she acknowledged, once she was calm, that she had been rude and would work on her tone of voice.

and then came the killer. and I quote, “Sometimes, I ask Mom to play with me, and she says, “Not right now, I’m busy.” she keeps working, and I miss her. I want to play with her.”

ding, ding, ding – we have a winner for the most honest, poignant comment that has ever crushed a mom’s heart.

Dr. M acknowledged it honestly & correctly, especially as he’s told me the exact same thing for the entirety of our relationship – “Yeap, your mom gets in go-mode, doesn’t she?”

I don’t know what it is about kids, who speak such an honest truth that leaves you heartbroken and breathless, but that also drives you to better yourself. perhaps it’s because, especially with your own kids, you know they have no ulterior motive. it was just such an honest reflection of our relationship; that in the name of being a “good mom”, I was shuffling from one activity to another and missing what I was really trying to foster; a slow afternoon, reading books or playing in the park, baking together, coloring many, many pages, or building with Legos.

Dr. M is fabulous at this. so often, I see him not doing what he wants to do [i.e., playing video games, reading comics, watching his shows] in the name of the kids, and wrestle them until they’re breathless or build fantastic Lego creations that necessitate photo documentation. he doesn’t have a lot of free time during the school year, and yet what he does, he willing gives to the kids.

maybe it’s a “I’m-never-separated-from-you-so-I-need-to-find-a-break-when-I-can”; that’s partially valid. but guess what? I don’t home school and my toddler takes a 3-hour-nap daily. I have downtime.

what I needed was an attitude fix; I need to be intentional with my kids, and simultaneously realize I am not going to accomplish all that I want in a day. I need to reorganize what my priorities are for the day [i.e. THEM], and not see them as nuisances who mess up my to-do list. plenty of the things I do during the day are for them, and they are good things and things that eventually need accomplished. but some can totally be shelved to a day when everyone is in a good mood or when I don’t have five different errands/appointments/grocery store runs to knock out.

and if that means buying store bread, in order to tickle Gabe more often or intentionally doing the dishes in the morning so I have time to go to the park with Sophia, then that’s what I need to do. I’m intentionally staying at home, so that we as a family are not stressed out, raggle-taggle bunch, and so they have a parent at home who is always there for them. it’s time I fully embraced that role, and not begrudged my “time being wasted” by block building or book reading or bath time. because it’s obviously the opposite of that, and I want to better than that. I need to think of myself less, and focus on this adorable kiddos for the time that I get them.

we’re cool, by the way. the other awesome thing about kids is that they’re typically quick to forgive. that night, she helped me make dinner and we read two chapters of “Little House in the Big Woods” together. and the next day, we went to the park and I didn’t lose my temper quite as often.

yea for the small wins!

mighty milners: school edition

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

and school has kicked off! whew – I thought prepping for it was exhausting. I forgot that when it really started, I’d be up at five a.m. I have not been up that early since … well, maybe ever. strike that: student teaching. can we all agree that school starts way, way too early? thank the Lord for coffee.

the first day was a good one. we had uniforms donned, lunches ready to go, and I went in with her for the first walk-in. her teachers quickly took over, got her situated with the schedule, and she’d been off and running ever since. she loves her outside time, she’s learned a few kids’ names, and seems to have adjusted to their schedule.

this was a practice run of wearing "the uniform" - she apparently is adopting some form of "I will intimidate you to death" look here

this was a practice run of wearing “the uniform” – she apparently is adopting some form of “I will intimidate you to death” look here

personally, I did not cry. I was slightly overwhelmed with all the logistics, that I kind of didn’t have time to be sad. and then, once home, I still had to chase li’l G everywhere. by the time nap time hit, I was so exhausted, I may have joined in a needed sleep renewal, and then I was emotionally fine.

they seem to have hit the ground running. she has homework, specifically for math and counting. they’ve had music class, gym class, and she’s proud to take her lunch to the “cafe”. next week, they start the reading program, and her teachers have started the writing program this week.

she’s killing me with her awesomeness!

the kid is KILLER! please note, too, that Teddy has a headband, as well. she is ever the thoughtful & creative one

the kid is KILLER! please note, too, that Teddy has a headband, as well. she is ever the thoughtful & creative one.

the drive is a little long. for myself, it’s an hour round trip. hence, we leave at seven for her to be on time. the kiddos did not like that schedule for the first few days. she insists that the nighttime isn’t done because the sun isn’t up yet. therefore, she does not have to get up. I, of course, insists she does – considering I am not the greatest morning person, it’s important that I’ve showered already [to feel human], and already had a cup of coffee, so as our conversations don’t devolve into a shouting match.

and then I just hook up that caffeine IV, and drink it all day long. [side note: I cleaned house a couple of days ago. I’m pretty sure the only thing that saved me was the 2 cups of coffee and 5 – count ’em – 5 Diet Cokes I had throughout the day. it was disgusting].

we’re all adjusting, too, to what a real school schedule looks like. preschool was optional, and only half day. this is the real deal, there for seven hours and having to be told what to do all day. these are her words from the first day: “it was SO long, Mom – I thought I’d only be there for half an hour! and I don’t get to do what I want – the teachers are always telling me what to do!” [and then, she ate the sucker they gave her as a first-day present, and she was fine]. the li’l toddler was not pleased to get up at six on that first day, but he’s adjusted. and I’m following suit. we’ll enjoy our Labor Day weekend off, but I think we’re all the more ready for another full week of school!

Dr. M went back the same day, and the semester has gone well so far. we’ll talk more on that at another time. for now, I’m going to catch my breath and get caught up on everything else that I’ve let slide in the name of adjusting to school. because, you know, that’s been everything else. oh boy …

it’s been a sleepy week …

“the truth is that parents are not really interested in justice. they just want quiet.”

– bill cosby

ha! or smiles in pictures. but you get what you get, eh?  [credit: Tabitha Todd]

hello, lovely folks! happy Friday – happy weekend – happy whatever you need it to be to finish off this week on a high note. for me, I know it includes a night of baseball in my pajamas, and my li’l babe sleeping through the night. I really, really, really thought we’d be past this whole ‘I get up at 3:30 am and cry the whole time and never want to go back to bed’ issue.

apparently not.

it’s not his fault [those damn teeth – this time around, it’s three big fat ones, and they are taking forever to come in], and it comes with the field of parenting [especially the ‘stay-at-home’ kind]. we’ve just been having lazy days in response, full of coffee and pajamas and way too much television, and then trying to adjust with naps throughout the day so he’ll go back to bed at a normal time.

we’ve also been winding down summer, which seems like that ethos would be in opposition to the statement above about lazy days. I’d intentionally this week set out to get them up/put them down at the same time throughout the week. we were successful on Monday. it’s now Friday, and 9:30 is our “normal” in getting up.

oh boy. school will hit us like a ton of bricks. we’ve all got to be out the door at 7 am for the kiddo’s school, and that is so early.

I’ve joked around about coffee IVs. I’m no longer joking – hasn’t someone invented that yet? it could be like a permanent PIC line, and I could just hook it up in the morning when I can’t think straight to run my coffee maker. [I feel like I’ve crossed a new line of weird, but … isn’t that how innovation occurs? Steve Jobs, and all that?]

speaking of school … I have a kiddo who is old enough for KINDERGARTEN [insert sighs, heart palpitations, and increased anxiety]. I’ve realizing I’m echoing eons of parents: I can’t believe I have kids that old? I can’t believe I’m that old? What is this new reality?

yeap. she's five. and so wonderful and spectacular. kindergarten will suit her well, I believe. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

yeap. she’s five. and so wonderful and spectacular.   [credit: Tabitha Todd]

I know she and I will love it, though. school is where I always feel at home, as does Dr. M [go figure]. her uniforms came in last week, we got our notice about Kindergarten Round-Up, and we’ve figured out the best route for the school run. yea! she’s insistent that she wants to ride the bus. just one more sign of independence in an independent li’l kiddo. I’m resistant, because let’s just admit it – she’s five, and I want to take her. I love the chance to chat with her in the morning, and the recap of the day in the afternoon, a la daycare runs. there might not even be enough spots on the bus for her anyway, so we’ll see. once we go for our meet & greet, we’ll know more. but please know, it’s been a point of contention. as I imagine most of her independence-driven requests will be until she’s legal.

Dr. M is [fully] back to work. our summer was crazy busy, but I think he enjoyed most of it. our trip to KC was lovely, we saw a lot of beloved family & friends, and he had [some] time to work. not near as much as he would have liked, so he’s making up for that now. he’s been in the office most everyday, and will be through the end of the semester. we’re back to the nights of him half watching baseball, but really, he’s reading & proofing & planning hardcore. the academic schedule is a mixed blessing. almost no required time during the summer, but they make you pay for it the other ten months.

li’l G is mostly doing well, minus the horrific teething process at the moment. he is into everything, specifically the things he should not be in. [yes, yes, tis to be expected with a precocious 15 month old. but, still …] he has learned that he is a proficient climber. if you should be around him, do not leave a chair out. ever. in the five seconds it took for you to stand up, he will confiscate it, climb up like an agile monkey, and proceed to stand, hoot, holler, and dance on his newly acquired, unstable surface.

enjoy this shot for all its worth. he looks beautiful, and he will never, ever be that still again. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

enjoy this shot for all its worth. he looks beautiful, and he will never, ever be that still again. [credit: Tabitha Todd]

I might need to request blood pressure medication, the way he makes mine shoot up. or just a glance at the above photo. it’s a nice, calm one, eh?

the other things he likes to do [that he is not allowed to do, but still seems to make happen] include: playing in the toilet – throwing things in the toilet, and then playing with them in the toilet – climbing into the clothes dryer – climbing on top of our desk – climbing on top of our dining table – climbing on top of our entertainment center – pushing through the doors and running outside – climbing out of the bath tub, and wandering around buck naked – climbing into the kitchen cabinets, and playing with the dishwasher soap – pulling the oven open with the dish rags that are hanging from the handle

I’m sure there’s more he’s done. I’m even more sure there’s more he WILL do. it’s just a matter of time.

the kid is just a bulldozer of good times. once he’s a bit older, all of this hopefully won’t still be happening and I’ll have maybe a little more peace of mind. that, or it will all escalate and I will never be at peace. ever.

I am trying to sneak in some calm into my life, little bits by little bits. I’ve made a real attempt at exercise in this past week, to moderate success. I made it through an hour of yoga [which was AWESOME for my back – it’s been sore and tight and stiff for three weeks, to the point of tears], and a new friend of mine and I walked our local park for an hour or more. li’l babe’s teeth cut into a second meeting we were shooting for, but I can foresee her and I taking advantage of the James Island County Park walking trails a lot. I had book club this week, too, which was fun as always. I’m probably the youngest person there, but I’m really over that. my draw to the meetings are the titles they pick, and the two women who organize and lead. it always goes off on crazy tangents, and I like it – it’s nice walking away from our discussions, going “huh – I never would have pulled that from that book”.

I like it. I also like that I’m at a place where I’m more comfortable in my new city. that I have a book club to go to, where faces are more familiar. that we have friends that we’re trading dinner nights with, walking parks with, and enjoying the sauna that is Charleston. I’m certainly feeling more comfortable in our new digs!

love y’all – enjoy your fabulous weekends!

it’s springtime!

hello spring! I am so grateful you’ve decided to abstain from the allergies this year. I’ve seen a few who have to suffer, and I am not envious.

I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit here. to be honest, I’m not totally sure if I’ll continue the blog. given all the other ways we can stay in contact with friends and family, I’m not sure if this is the best way to get out there. but, I did decide to write a few more posts for this month to see how it goes.

onwards & upwards then!

S had their majorly big deal spring concert a week or so ago. Christmas was a big deal, too. this, though, involved homemade costume making, two months worth of memorization, and a 35 minute video of production.


she did awesome! they all memorized an intro poem, an outro song, and two or three basic phrases for the major song. the only thing they would have to do alone was their “special fact” concerning the animal they were dressed as. for six weeks, I would randomly hear, “Butterflies taste with their feet.” “Mom, did you know, butterflies taste with their feet?” “Butterflies taste with their feet!”

it was sweet. you know, the first couple of times.

anyway, let’s just say it was adorable as all get out. R couldn’t make it due to a work conflict, so I recorded this li’l memory while simultaneously shoving puffs into G’s face so he’d be [relatively] silent throughout the performance.

we do what we can, mommas, we do what we can.

anyway … here’s a few shots of the awesome-sauce.


oh my word – it took so long to get this done! I’m out of practice with art projects. the first set ripped. I bought another, and tried to use markers for it. they were dry. so, I had to buy paint. that spilled on the floor. [yea … for our rental!] it got done with 12 hours to spare, but she looked great!

she loved it! she was very careful throughout the performance [though they have since been destructed upon]. loved being that li'l butterfly!

she loved it! she was very careful throughout the performance [though they have since been destructed upon]. loved being that li’l butterfly!

post-performance! she was thrilled at how well she and her class did [as were all the parents - it was impressive to see 20 four-year-olds do a memorized action for 30 minutes!] and we liked our butterfly dots, too

post-performance! she was thrilled at how well she and her class did [as were all the parents – it was impressive to see 20 four-year-olds do a memorized action for 30 minutes!] and we liked our butterfly dots, too

and what's a performance without a cheesy photo? done.

and what’s a performance without a cheesy photo? done.

I’ll do what I can to get the video online, too. it was a sweet day, and I know we only have more to come!