Friday Reads: Outlander

School break begins in less than 2 hours, and I’m not sure who is more excited, Sophia or myself. Goodness, getting up early is the worst.

Not really. But give a pregnant girl some slack. Right now, in my narrow view, it’s the worst.

As of Saturday, I get to sleep in as long as Gabe cooperates and allows me to doze off on the couch. His internal alarm clock is set for 5:55 a.m. A bit early, but nothing Daniel Tiger can’t handle.

A break also means I can read without feeling guilty, and read I will. I’m wickedly late to this series. As in, I just heard about it two months ago and the first novel was published in 1991. I give myself some wicked grace here, though, as I was 6 years old. It’ll be fine.


Don't let this tame book cover fool you. You will not see the light of day until you've finished.

Don’t let this tame book cover fool you. You will not see the light of day until you’ve finished.

People, I just. I just can’t. It’s so good. I think I read the first one in a day. It’s a romance meets fantasy/time travel meets historical fiction. It’s amazing.

I easily have 10 or so novels checked out from the library. Forget it. All I’m reading is Outlander. And it’s subsequent seven following novels.

And there's a book nine! See, it's never too late to jump on a band wagon.

And there’s a book nine coming soon! See, it’s never too late to jump on a band wagon.

So far, I’ve finished Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, & Drums of Autumn. I just began The Fiery Cross. In, like two weeks. It’s ridiculous. The housework & laundry have barely been attended to, but I have Jamie & Claire.

Also, there’s a show, that aired on Starz this fall. Heaven help me, I downed the eight episodes in less than 48 hours. I may have stayed up until 2 a.m. on a couple of occasions. Both my head cold and pregnancy did not appreciate it, but how do you put it down?

The short answer: you don’t.

What books have been keeping you up late? I would love to hear!


#FridayReads & WIPs

It’s time for the weekly round up! I got a little flustered in my goals. But you know, what’s new? I do it to myself. I checked over two dozen books out at the library a few weeks ago. Go figure, I’m still in the midst of them. I’ve been doing my darndest to knock them out, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. I found out that three books couldn’t be renewed because others had placed holds on them. It set me up for utter failure. I have one I could finish tonight [i.e., The Book Thief], because it’s YA and I can just listen to the baseball game while Dr. M is out devouring yummy seafood. We’ll see – my bed also looks lonely and I might have to doze off in it.

The other two novels are not “cramming in” novels. They were both solid looking, and I didn’t want to short change the experience. So, I’ll return them and request them at another time.

Still, I finished a good deal. I’ve been working on The Warmth of Other Suns. Friends – there are no words. It’s amazing. Pick this up! A macro and micro look at The Great Migration, and an inspection on how the United States is still [STILL] wrestling with the aftermath of slavery. I’ll freely admit, I have to read it in small chunks because some of the brutality of Jim Crow is overwhelming. Still, a must read.

Sophia and I finished Little Farm in the Ozarks, the second of the historical fiction series of Rose Wilder. I read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, a mystery novel based in England but traverses all sorts of time and location. It was wonderful, and I read it in a day, it was that captivating. I also finished One Plus One by JoJo Meyes. This I picked up because I had read You Before Me; please know, you will bawl your eyes out on that one. One Plus One was good, too, just in a different way.

The other novel I stumbled upon this week was The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. I grabbed it because it was the NYT Bestseller’s List, and thought, “Why not?”

Why not, indeed? It turns out that the heart of this novel is set in Charleston, SC. Ahh, caught your attention, didn’t I? It’s about the abolitionist & feminist Sarah Grimke, and a historical fiction read on her evolution of coming from the upper caste of Charleston society to a fuller understanding of how vile and obscene slavery was. She eventually turns Quaker, and is a speaker and writer against the institution of slavery. Of course, my interest is peaked – it’s set in a city I’m slowly beginning to call my own, wrestling with a topic that I don’t think even the city itself has come to terms with, and is highlighting an obscure figure in history, Denmark Vesey, who as a free man attempted a slave revolt and paid with his life. Handful “Hetty” Grimke’s parallel story as Sarah Grimke’s slave is riveting, surrounded by her mother, Vesey, and her sister, Sky. It can be a hard read at some points. Hmm, but that’s the point right there, isn’t it?

*Just a side note: A few of these following novels came from The Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her wonderful Summer Reading List; see here: . The amount of work this blogger has done to give her readers a wonderfully compact yet diverse list of reading material is incredible. Based on her recommendation alone, I added all of these to my own To-Read list and am slowly working through them. Trust me, there is something for everyone here!

Friends, all of this, thanks to the local library. Oh man, do I love our branch?!

All of this, thanks to the local library. Oh man, do I love CCPL!

As far as knitting goes, I’m honing in. I have a tendency to write and DO ALL THE THINGS! Sometimes, it pays off. Other times, it leaves me incredibly overwhelmed and feeling like I’m falling behind. This last week, I just focused on one major thing that seems to just take forever. It has an official end date, and has to be ready to be shipped out at a certain time, and I just need to focus. So, I’m doing that. I finished Dr. M’s other tie, and then said “No more!”

You know, until next week.

I’ve also been checking out the dish cloths on Knit Picks; they’ve been posting free knit patterns, and in the effort to learn new patterns, I’d been practicing on those. I finished the “Pip Stitch” one this week. I’ll have to say, this is my favorite one by far. It has grooves to actually clean, super cute, incredibly practical. I might just stop and make all my dish rags like this from now on.


What did you all read out there this week? Given my wait lists at the library and the ever changing NYT Bestseller’s List, I know there’s been some serious reading going on – let me know what it is!