mighty milners: school edition

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

and school has kicked off! whew – I thought prepping for it was exhausting. I forgot that when it really started, I’d be up at five a.m. I have not been up that early since … well, maybe ever. strike that: student teaching. can we all agree that school starts way, way too early? thank the Lord for coffee.

the first day was a good one. we had uniforms donned, lunches ready to go, and I went in with her for the first walk-in. her teachers quickly took over, got her situated with the schedule, and she’d been off and running ever since. she loves her outside time, she’s learned a few kids’ names, and seems to have adjusted to their schedule.

this was a practice run of wearing "the uniform" - she apparently is adopting some form of "I will intimidate you to death" look here

this was a practice run of wearing “the uniform” – she apparently is adopting some form of “I will intimidate you to death” look here

personally, I did not cry. I was slightly overwhelmed with all the logistics, that I kind of didn’t have time to be sad. and then, once home, I still had to chase li’l G everywhere. by the time nap time hit, I was so exhausted, I may have joined in a needed sleep renewal, and then I was emotionally fine.

they seem to have hit the ground running. she has homework, specifically for math and counting. they’ve had music class, gym class, and she’s proud to take her lunch to the “cafe”. next week, they start the reading program, and her teachers have started the writing program this week.

she’s killing me with her awesomeness!

the kid is KILLER! please note, too, that Teddy has a headband, as well. she is ever the thoughtful & creative one

the kid is KILLER! please note, too, that Teddy has a headband, as well. she is ever the thoughtful & creative one.

the drive is a little long. for myself, it’s an hour round trip. hence, we leave at seven for her to be on time. the kiddos did not like that schedule for the first few days. she insists that the nighttime isn’t done because the sun isn’t up yet. therefore, she does not have to get up. I, of course, insists she does – considering I am not the greatest morning person, it’s important that I’ve showered already [to feel human], and already had a cup of coffee, so as our conversations don’t devolve into a shouting match.

and then I just hook up that caffeine IV, and drink it all day long. [side note: I cleaned house a couple of days ago. I’m pretty sure the only thing that saved me was the 2 cups of coffee and 5 – count ’em – 5 Diet Cokes I had throughout the day. it was disgusting].

we’re all adjusting, too, to what a real school schedule looks like. preschool was optional, and only half day. this is the real deal, there for seven hours and having to be told what to do all day. these are her words from the first day: “it was SO long, Mom – I thought I’d only be there for half an hour! and I don’t get to do what I want – the teachers are always telling me what to do!” [and then, she ate the sucker they gave her as a first-day present, and she was fine]. the li’l toddler was not pleased to get up at six on that first day, but he’s adjusted. and I’m following suit. we’ll enjoy our Labor Day weekend off, but I think we’re all the more ready for another full week of school!

Dr. M went back the same day, and the semester has gone well so far. we’ll talk more on that at another time. for now, I’m going to catch my breath and get caught up on everything else that I’ve let slide in the name of adjusting to school. because, you know, that’s been everything else. oh boy …